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Local Buffalo Mardi Gras and Lenten season news

Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans

Boobs for beads.

One of the more unusual stories to come out of Buffalo this Lenten season is that some downtown bars in Buffalo were offering breast enhancement surgery (or any other cosmetic procedure) to women (and also men) who collected the most beads during Mardi Gras. Normally the custom is that women would flash their breasts for beads, but this turns that concept on its head, that perhaps some bars want to make sure that women have -- ahem -- some righteous assets to flash. Of course, this offering might have been a response to some sorry specimens of womanhood who probably shouldn't have been showing off.

One such bar along the Chippewa strip was the Bayou bar, which planned and hosted the event. Many people in the area have been complaining that this kind of promotion is tacky, and perhaps it is, but who cares? So long as it draws in the customers, right.

Fish Fry

Channel 2 News has up its interactive map for all the local Lenten fish frys in the area. Buffalo being a strong Roman Catholic town, is famous for its ethnic Catholic heritage, from the Polish Paczki doughnuts, to the hot cross buns, German fastnacht cakes, butter lambs, and so forth. As the Lenten season goes on all the way till Easter, the map will add new sites where fish frys are being served. You can simply go to and on its home page will be the fish fry map.

St. Patricks Day.

Of course, St. Patrick's day is around the corner, and already the city is starting to turn green. Buffalo has a huge Irish community, most of it in South Buffalo. Of course, being that Buffalo this year has seen so little snow, St. Patricks, may be a little greener than usual.


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