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The article that was previously posted under this title was not properly written. I chose words and phrasing that presented it in the light that the majority of the work done for the wedding was done by myself. While this was not intentionally done, it was nonetheless faulty and incorrect and as a writer I should have waited to post until I had taken time to look over and rethink how my words sounded. For that I apologize. I also apologize for the underlying arrogance that I allowed to prevent me from thinking twice about what I was saying.

Heading down the aisle, wings flying high.

Wings from
Adrian White
A sweet moment after the ceremony.
Adrian White.

Everything previously stated about my mother’s involvement in my wedding was true, but not presented in its full light. From June 30th to March 1st, I spent the majority of my time either at my desk at work, only somewhat thinking about wedding details, and using my lunch breaks to make necklaces and wedding favors. She spent hours upon hours every day looking for ideas that I might like, scouring website upon website to find wedding décor, fabrics, linens, lanterns, and every other possible thing needed for a wedding. Not just finding the items, but finding the exact perfect items that would suit my every ideal of the perfect wedding.

I did help, and occasionally a few friends chipped in. But the vast majority of the handiwork is hers. She cut out, shaped, glued and glittered several thousand flowers made from antique books. She spent hours dealing with vendors, venue managers, salespeople and budgets. When I balked at something I wanted because I was afraid it was too expensive or too “over the top” she reassured and encouraged me to choose what I actually wanted because she was set on giving me the wedding of my dreams.

I spent a few nights cutting out fabric for dresses. She spent weeks sewing them together, adding hand stitched details, and somehow making things work when I cut half of the pieces for my skirt backwards. My wedding gown was covered in pearls and garnets, all hand sewn.

My wedding reception was decorated with the handmade flowers sitting out in collection of antique pitchers and vases that my mother has spent year gathering. Meanwhile we ate off of her entire collection of beautiful china and antique dishes. Even her own precious things were offered up to make my day more beautiful.
Anything she wasn’t able or didn’t have time to make herself was made by the best crafters she could find. Including bringing her lifelong best friend in to sing and even going so far as to fly a photographer in from North Carolina for the event.

There is not a single part of my perfect wedding that would have happened had it not been for my mother.

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