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Local bookstore offers discount literature for readers in a struggling economy

Don't miss the excellent deals at Half Price Books
Don't miss the excellent deals at Half Price Books
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For avid readers in a struggling economy, adding to a personal book collection or purchasing the latest best seller may not be easy. With chain stores such as Barnes and Noble and Borders offering the latest best sellers at full list price, ranging anywhere from fifteen to thirty dollars, readers need a cheaper alternative to finding the kind of literature they crave.

Fortunately for those in the Indianapolis area, there's a solution. Half Price Books, a chain discount bookstore boasting over 100 stores in over 15 states, has two locations in the Indianapolis area as well as three more locations throughout the state of Indiana.

Half Price Books' policy is to sell books and other products (excluding specialty items) at half the publisher's price. This means readers can peruse the aisles of fiction, sci-fi, children's literature, romance and mystery and know they will be getting a deal on whatever literary treasure they might find. On top of the half price discount, most stores even offer a bargain section where books can be found for as little as two or three dollars.

Not only does Half Price Books offer the type of literature mentioned above, it offers a wide selection of books on poetry, travel, fitness and health, photography, artwork and much more. Half Price Books also offers a wide variety of cheap CDs, DVDs and novelty items such as board games and stationery sets.

Those looking to get rid of their old books can also benefit from a trip to Half Price Books. Half Price Books pays customers in cash for gently used books, CDs, and DVDs. The better quality the merchandise, the better offer one will receive.

Whether you're looking for a specific book or simply want to explore the selection that Half Price Books has to offer, anyone with a love of reading and finding a good deal is bound to love Half Price Books.

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  • Laura Gordon 5 years ago

    Great article! Very insightful... will be sure to visit HPB the next time I am close by.

  • Aubrey 5 years ago

    Laura- There are also HPB's in Dayton and Beavercreek near the mall!

  • Debbie 5 years ago

    One of my favorite places of all times! Thanks for the great article.

  • Sarah Brown - Fashion Photography Examiner 5 years ago

    That place is packed with books! WOW. I wonder if they have any fashion photography books...I need to ckeck it out.

    -Sarah Brown
    Indianapolis Fashion Photography Examiner

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