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Local Beat: The Final Curtain Falls on Baker Street as They Call it Quits

Baker Street
Baker Street
all photos by Nick McCabe - Front Row Photo

by Nick McCabe - Front Row Photo

Baker Street, a local band of gifted musicians and great guys based in Carson City has decided to call it quits. I didn't realize it when I stopped by Fridays at Firkin's outdoor concert series to check them out last week, otherwise I would have stayed for the duration. The reason for taking down the banner permanently is because these guys have other band projects that they are involved in and there is only so much time in a day. Russ Hohenberger on drums and vocals plays in Hired Gunnz. He is also in a band called Teaser with Brian Lester on bass & vocals. Ev Musselman on lead vocals, guitar, and keyboards is playing in a couple bands - Big Bad Wolf and Trippin King Snakes. Dave Swearingen on guitar and vocals is currently looking for a funk band to join. Anyone? Anyone? As a show of respect and appreciation I thought I would republish my first examiner article, which was on Baker Street.

Thanks to Baker Street for many, many wonderful shows.

(August 13, 2013)

The Firkin and Fox Outdoor Concert Series featured local artists Baker Street Friday evening on the 3rd street stage. Baker Street played 2 tight sets of blues, rock and roll, and funk featuring selections from artists like Boz Scaggs, Bob Marley, James Brown, The Doobie Brothers, The Beatles, and many more.

The band consists of Ev Musselman on lead vocals, guitar, and keyboards, Russ Hohenberger on drums and vocals, Dave Swearingen on guitar and vocals, and Brian Lester on bass & vocals. Fun seemed to be the tone of the evening. Baker Street held nothing back in an effort to make sure everybody was having a good time. Between bass player Brian Lesters hip thrusts to the bass accents in Boz Scaggs Lowdown to all three guitarists posturing at the front of the stage in mock heavy metal poses with grimaced faces, you couldn’t help but enjoy the show. Lest we not overlook the most important aspect of the show: Their musicianship was tight and their harmonies were spot on. They drew a good crowd that quickly got into the spirit of the night, dancing and drinking, and having a good time. Performers at the 3rd street event typically take two or three breaks, whereas Baker Street took only one break all night. Their mantra is, “All the things that use to fix me. They don't fix me like the groove.” (lyric by Tower of Power)

Ev and Russ started out playing together in local churches and have been in various bands together for over 15 years. When their previous country band, The Rustlers, dissolved about 4 years ago they got together with Brian and Dave and formed Baker Street, a name derived from Russ’s home on Baker Drive. They wisely made the decision to play great songs that aren’t being played by everybody else out there, and to focus on making it fun, which it was. I highly recommend checking out Baker Street next time the opportunity presents itself.

Information on them can be found on their website at:

And the beat goes on…

I want to know who gets the banner?

Coming soon, interviews with Boz Scaggs and Tony Bennett

Nick can be reached at:

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