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Local bakery to host political "coffee hours"

Medford and Somerville Rep. Carl Sciortino
Medford and Somerville Rep. Carl Sciortino
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Ahhhh...nothing goes better with a pastry than...politics?

For residents of Medford and Somerville, that pairing will soon be a reality, as Medford Rep. Carl Sciortino will soon be relaunching his monthly "coffee hours," events aimed at fostering a discussion between Mr. Sciortino and his constituents in an informal, open setting, at Medford's Danish Pastry House.

Of course constituents don't have to dine on danishes to reach their representatives with their concerns; Mr. Sciortino, at least, is happy to set up meetings at his office or around the Medford/Somerville area outside of the monthly coffee hour times.

But really, given the option, wouldn't you rather raise your concerns over a croissant than in the corridors of the State House?

The first coffee hour event will be held at the Danish Pastry House in Medford this upcoming Saturday, February 20th, from 3-4 PM. Subsequent coffee hours will always be held on Saturdays from 3-4 PM, and will alternate between the Danish Pastry House and the Teele Square Cafe on a monthly basis (so February 20th it's at the Danish Pastry House, March 20th it's at the Teele Square Cafe, April 24th at the DPH, and so on...).

So if you're a Medford or Somerville resident, stop by, whether it's to discuss the budget or just to bite into a baked good - either way, this brand of democracy is sure to taste sweet.

The Danish Pastry House is located at 330 Boston Ave. in Medford, 781.396.8999. The Teele Square Cafe is located at 1153 Broadway in Somerville, 617.625.0082. For more information, Sciortino's aide, Kathleen Keating, can be reached at 617.722.2400, or by e-mail at


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