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Local Artist Spotlight: easy, Tiger: One small step for mankind, one giant leap ahead of the trend.

easy, Tiger
easy, Tiger
c/o Richie Meade

The Social Consequences of Sexiness.

Not a topic considered by many people, with the obvious exceptions of the far too rich and famous. Yet while this could easily be a conversation open to discussion for the remarkably vain and those well versed in the wonderful philosophy of  soap opera modeling, it is also an excellent song by the Plymouth, PA native band easy, Tiger. It's also just one small hint at the way the band makes music in their own very unique style.

Comprised of two veterans of the Pennsylvania music scene, Terry Childers and Chad Mummert, easy, Tiger defies convention with even a small amount of research into their unusual take on local music by being almost completely impossible to dismiss. A mix of alternative, electronic, and indie power pop (see? I told you they do things differently), their music is hard to describe in words alone at best. Yet, while their music remains both incredibly infectious and powerfully original, it is their live shows that have garnered the duo an almost cult like following. With examples such as their most recent show, a part of the NEPA Rebellion at Clam Diggers comedy club in Scranton, PA, the group are known to jump from cover songs to originals, and then from instrument to instrument. Starting off as just a lead singer and a lead guitarist playing off each other and prerecorded electronic tracks, the night ended with the two swapping guitars and then live drums. The audience, sufficed to say, went wild.

"About two years ago, I started composing and recording with Fruity Loops (a music recording software) in mind, you know, and I first started off by doing a couple covers, Tears for Fears and King Crimson," singer Terry Childers advised. "And I did it once or twice live, by myself, you know, and I brought a lap top and a guitar. It was after that I realized that it was pretty easy to work in that capacity for me. It might not be for everybody." Childers, it should be said, was known throughout the Wyoming Valley as a staple of the acoustic music scene, originally getting local acclaim for his acoustic ballads. Fellow Tiger, Chad Mummert, was equally well known from playing with bands ranging from former rock powerhouse Pinch to female songwriting phenom K8, "Chad decided we should play out together a couple times, and I got some things booked. But I was getting really bored with an acoustic guitar, so, I had Chad sit in with me with an electric guitar and I worked the laptop into it for some tracks. We kicked it around a bit and it worked out pretty well."

After winning the number one spot on the NEPA Rebellion live tour, and now competing on the well-known music website Famecast, easy, Tiger seems to be as progressive as their music. Currently off in the studio recording a new batch of tunes, they can always be found at their Myspace for any intrepid listeners jonesing for a taste of their sonic stylings as well as for anyone looking to catch an upcoming show.

Too often a problem in the music scene, up and coming bands wear their influences on their sleeves so deeply that it's hard to tell where they end and the acts that inspire them begin. Would it be so simple as to claim that an original sound like that of easy, Tiger, were a part of the solution? Childer's tells me "when you flip a coin, while there's always a possibility it's going to land on one side or the other, there's always that small chance it will land directly on it's side."


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