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Local artist spills some beauty secrets

Make-up: Pasha Marie Melani
Photo: David Constante 
Model: Lacie Dawn
Make-up: Pasha Marie Melani Photo: David Constante Model: Lacie Dawn

Laredo is filled with many talented artists. Today, we'll talk to local make-up artist (just one of the many titles in her portfolio) Pasha Marie Melani.  When Pasha works with make-up, she transformers that person into visions of her imagination. Lucky for us, she's very creative and the possibilities are endless.

Pasha Marie Melani
Photo by David Constante Photography

When did you know you wanted to become a make-up artist?

I was in church, I was very very young. We had church plays that we performed in for the church. Plays with morals, good vs evil, so forth. My favorite part of the entire process was the makeup. It gave me character, it identified me. I fell in love with makeup at that point. I must have been 10 or 11 yrs young.

As a make-up artist you use many brushes, name 3 that every girl should have.

, with this brush you can apply your moisturizer, your primer, your liquid cream or powder foundation. You can also apply your finishing powder, your bronzer and blush. So basically this one brush does everything for your face.

#252, with this brush you can apply your concealer, your eye base, eyeshadows, and although its not a blending brush, you CAN blend if you buff the shadows together. So this brush applies everything on the eyelid.

#266, with this brush you can color in your eyebrows and apply any type of eyeliner. So these three brushes cover the entire face.

If someone wears colored contacts does she need to change her eye make-up as well?

No if you study the color wheel there are ways to make a color either blend or pop. If someone with blue eyes wants to play up her eyes she can go two basic ways about this. The first way would be to use different shades of blue which would not make her blue eye pop, but rather it would create a mono-chromatic scheme of colors which means using any shade, tint, or tone of one color. The second way would be to use the opposite color in the color wheel, orange being the opposite of blue in this case. So by adding eye shadows with orange undertones, it makes her blue eye pop.

Working with photographers: They use special lighting, does this affect the make-up, if so what advice can you give us to prevent this?

There is nothing to prevent. Any light, artificial or real is going to create highlights and lowlights in the face. Lighting is not a drawback, it’s a great tool for both the makeup artist and the photographer. Angling the face a certain way with the light hitting it at a specific angle is what creates a beautiful picture that will showcase both the makeup artist and the photographer.

When doing theatrical/body painting, what is it that inspires you?

It is easy to be inspired if you allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone and see things from a different perspective. That’s inspiration to me. You will only be inspired if you allow yourself to let go of boundaries. In makeup there is no limit to what you can paint on someone’s face and body. I painted a naked man from head to toe and it was such an artistic connection for both him as the person being touched and trusting me as a makeup artist, and for me as a makeup artist having been given the privilege to physically connect in such a deep and personal way with another human being while expressing my imagination on his body. I told a story on his body. He was my imagination come to life. It was surreal.


  • Kris 5 years ago

    Great article and interview questions. I learned a lot!

  • erica 5 years ago

    Very interesting...I especially liked the spirituality aspect of the make-up artist/client connection. Never really thought about how vulnerable you must be around someone who in essence helps 'beautify' you.

  • Sara Broers 5 years ago

    Nice article~this one took a lot of time and organization on your part.

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