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Local animal neglect charges

Mock up used in Wheaton Patch to describe horrific incident with dog dumped in box on North Avenue in Elmhurst.
Mock up used in Wheaton Patch to describe horrific incident with dog dumped in box on North Avenue in Elmhurst.
Wheaton Patch

Yeohsy Koh, 47, of 355 W. First Street in Elmhurst, Illinois, decided that it was a good ‘move’ to box up her dog and leave it and a note on a street corner advising anyone who found the dog to take care of it. Well, Koh got more than she bargained for when local police discovered the box, the dog and the note.

After having the dog thoroughly checked over and finding that the do did indeed have an implanted microchip, the police took action and tracked Koh down before she was able to leave the country. She is now facing charges of animal neglect and is not able to complete her move and leave the country until she goes to court for the charges brought against her.

This case of abandonment is senseless. There are so many methods of securing the dog a new home rather than to dump the dog on a street corner on North Avenue of all places. It is simply a wonder that the dog was not injured or killed. If it had been able to escape, either scenario would have been possible given the setting the woman chose to rid herself of her unneeded, unwanted pet.

Koh’s claim that she did not know what to do with the dog otherwise seems reticent. There are so many possibilities out there to help the dog secure a new forever home. How about the one she was forced to use, like signing over her dog to the DuPage County Animal Care and Control Center? The possibilities are endless but the dog could have paid with its life thanks to the foolhardiness of Yeohsy Koh.

Whether or not this 47-year-old woman realizes it or no, animals do have feelings. Although a domesticated animal may or may not be able to take care of themselves, if being relieved of their family experience (being dumped by the roadside), they do know when they are unwanted. This must be heart-wrenching for an animal!

When people obtain pets, they must realize that it is a responsibility that must be taken seriously. They are not idle things to be disposed of when and if the feeling arises. They are living, breathing beings that give and receive love and caring.

For animal lovers, it is the hope that if the penalty is strong enough that the people committing these horrific acts will learn their lessons one way or another. It is NOT right to treat an animal like a throw-away!

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