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Local Actor Joins Cast of Atlantic City Chronicles for Season 2: Revenge

I was recently cast as a mortuary caretaker, in the Freebird Media Group's web series, Atlantic City Chronicles, who is forced to emerge from her passivity in the episode entitled, "Salt Water Taffy. As caretaker, I interact with colorful characters paying their last respects in unique ways after the passing of "White Apple Jack Hardgrave," who was yet another U.S. military veteran in the cast of characters.

"Atlantic City Chronicles'" cast performed opening scenes of Season 1: Revenge,at Greenridge Funeral Home in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Maria Callier

The professionalism of Atlantic City Chronicles is bumped up to a higher level than other web series that are becoming common fare in various markets because it is casting SAG-AFTRA talent under the New Media contract. My character and those played by other actors in this kick-off episode and in the first season as well are worth the view just for their authenticity. They capture life as it really is on the streets of Atlantic City! In fact, Atlantic City Chronicles is raw enough in its intensity that its viewers are told on the series' website that it is "For Mature Audiences Only."

In the first season of production, the action centered around a U.S. military veteran, Frank Porter, after he completes his tour of duty in Afghanistan and faces PTSD and job challenges in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The second season will introduce new characters but once again the trials and tribulations of military veterans will be highlighted.

The series is the brainchild of writer/director, John Paxton, Jr. who according to his Indiegogo page for Atlantic City Chronicles, has always had big dreams and the courage to pursue them. Born and raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey, he was surrounded by crime, drugs and violence throughout his youth. Like others growing up in an urban environment, he watched friends and family fall through the cracks of society; adding to the frightening statistics of an Atlantic City which few cared to see in the shadows of the casinos. John managed to avoid a similar fate of those around him.

After finishing high school, John left Atlantic City for Central NJ and Rutgers University. In eight years he earned his bachelor's degree in Psychology, and two master's degrees. He continues to keep close ties with Rutgers University where he is currently an adjunct professor in the Africana Studies Department teaching Aspects of Filmmaking.

John's goal in directing and producing narrative films and documentaries is to bring to light the social issues that affect the world today. John has written, produced, and directed several films that have garnered him awards, as well as a graphic novella. Two features, Rebecca’s Window shot in Atlantic City, Sniff shot on location in Brazil, and a several short films. He is currently writing a commissioned feature and working on season two of his web series, Atlantic City Chronicles, the first offering from Freebird Media Group.

John and his production crew which includes Mike Biasell, Terence Cameron, and John Vitug are seeking funding now for the second season of Atlantic City Chronicles through Indiegogo: So far their fundraising efforts have yielded less than $2,000 of the nearly $20,000 they plan to raise, but they are determined to meet their goal and their confidence and the quality of their production leads me to believe that they will.

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