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Local 8 year old shows Haiti the love of Christ


Madi Cummins, 8, raised over $1,300 for Haiti efforts.





For all the burdens we put on ourselves to make sure we are doing all the right things, it seems that we forget to do the right thing.  Love each other.  Support each other.  Help each other.  That is what we are commanded to do.

Luckily, we have people out there to remind us what Christ’s love is all about through helping those still suffering in Haiti.  There are church leaders, radio stations, and celebrities all over the country doing telethons and fund raisers to send money to help the cause.  While those efforts are commendable and very generous, the purest form of love comes from an 8 years old girl in Berea, KY. 

Eight year old Madi Cummins, a second grader at Berea Community Elementary School, initiated a fund raiser that contributed $1,300 to the American Red Cross for their efforts in Haiti.  After a dinner conversation with her parents about the trouble in Haiti and how much the people there needed help, she decided that she “should probably help them.”  After approaching a teacher about an idea, Madi quickly gained support from other teachers as well as her principal, Michael Hogg. 

At an opening assembly one morning, Madi said to her classmates, “If you are like me, you are wondering how you can help.”  Oh, if we were all a little more like Madi.  Her idea was to put a container in each classroom where students could drop their spare change and make any donations they wanted.  Teachers were encouraged to participate and offered “blue jean” days for contribution to the project, which Madi named “Pirates giving hope to Haiti.” The Pirate, of course, is the mascot of Madi’s school.

When asked what he thought of his daughter’s efforts, Madi’s father, Kerry, responded, “We're super proud of her, she's got a heart for people that I wish I had. She teaches me more than I ever imagined.”  We can all learn a lot from Madi.  She did not go check her piggy bank to see what she could give.  She did not assume that others were going to take care of it.  Madi’s initial reaction was to love.  She saw that those people needed help, and then she figured out a way she could help them.  Rumor has it that she even donated the money she received for a lost tooth. 

Between the $1,300 she raised at school and the money from her lost tooth, she has probably helped the people of Haiti much more than you or I have.  She did not do it to get noticed, or because it was the cool thing to do.  Madi raised this money because she did as we are all commanded.  “Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.”  (Romans 13:8 NKJ)    Think about it.