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Lobster cage with dog's body inside washed ashore on Long Island

Dog stuffed in lobster cage washes ashore
Dog stuffed in lobster cage washes ashore
Suffolk County SPCA

According to Thursday's NBC New York News, a lobster cage with the body of a dog crammed inside, washed ashore on Long Island, N.Y., earlier this week.

CBS New York News reported that the cage had been wired shut and someone tried to weight it down with bricks; despite someone's attempt to ensure that the cage would stay underwater, it managed to drift to the beach along Old Winkle Point Drive in Eaton's Neck on Tuesday.

Today, the Suffolk County SPCA has instigated an investigation with the hopes that the person who is responsible for the apparent act of animal cruelty will be found. Suffolk County SPCA Chief Roy Gross told 1010 WINS:

I guess whoever did this didn’t intend for it to wash ashore, obviously they wanted to sink it if they put bricks in there,

The dog who died is described as a male, pit bull mix - the dog still had a collar on when the cage was discovered. According to Newsday, there was a small patch of black fur still on the dog's body and the collar is described as black nylon.

There were no identifying identification tags on the collar, or on the lobster cage. The ropes used to tie the cage shut were white nylon and there was also a turquoise colored rope attached.

The Suffolk County SPCA is having a necropsy completed on the dog to determine if he was alive or dead when he was put into the water. Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the Suffolk County SPCA at 631-382-7722.

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