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Lobster and beer -- perfect together

Who said it needs to be summer for beer and a great lobster boil?

A popular crustacean resident of mostly all earth’s oceans, our invertebrate pal the lobster is an important economical factor in the global seafood industry, which on average nets (no pun intended) approximately $1 billion a year. With the market price of lobster going at about $10 to $14.99 in local supermarkets like Stop and Shop and A&P, one can definitely see how that can shell out to be a lot of clams!

Found living individually in muddy sea bottoms or small rocky crevices, this hard-shelled omnivore is a great source of iron. Complements of the element of their biological make up that literally makes them “blue-blooded,” lobsters are also a good source of copper. As great as this crafty crustacean may sound, tread the lobster’s waters sparingly as they can wreak havoc on your cholesterol and are high in mercury

The lobster sounds great but where’s the beer? Alas, as a drink on the side when you do indulge in lobster, your grandpa’s Heineken just won’t do! Many beer snobs tend to agree that a light colored beer with a crisp flavor will pair well with your dish. However, for cooking purposes, grandma may very well steal one of grandpa’s beers! Yes that’s right, cooking with beer.

A great way to prepare your lobster, if you choose to make them whole is to take him and perhaps one of his compatriots if you are having “a friend for dinner,” and boil them in a stockpot, covered, and with enough water to cover them both. The usual boiling method goes 7 minutes for the first pound and then 3 minutes for each additional pound which makes the weight of your lobsters important to keep in mind.
During the boiling process, you will add one can of beer to the stockpot and if you so choose, slices of lemon and sprinkles of parsley or oregano.

Well how about some variety? Lobster is paired nicely with a side salad or a good serving of wild rice. If you are of the type who likes it “beer and lobster only,” here is a very simple recipe for a wonderful buttery dip!


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