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Loads at Loehmanns


Its getting bitter cold in Chicago, time for coats, gloves and scarves.  Time to update.  I had never really been to Loehmanns before this weekend, but I was impressed with what they had to offer.  It is similar to a T.J.Maxx or Filene's Basement.  You can generally get any where from 30% to 65% off department store prices.  It is unbelievable the things you can find if your in the mood to search.  I purchased a mini Romeo and Juliet shirt dress for 30 dollars.  It is adorable and a really great quality.  

I also found numerous designer blazers and coats for an amazing price.  Down jackets anywhere between 125 to 200 dollars.  Don't even get me started on the boot selection.  Although, I was squeezing my way into what seemed to be inch wide isles, my eyes were drawn to a pair of fur Ralph Lauren boots that were 100 dollars.  A steal!  

This is the place to pop into if your looking for updating your seasonal stash, or even just grabbing something with better quality for less.  Don't forget to scan through the clearance rack, I found some unbelievable Tory Burch items for cheap cheap prices!

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