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Load up on patience...wear layers to prepare for blizzard

Our first big blizzard of the winter is scheduled to arrive Monday evening and bury the entire metro Detroit area over the next few days. Commuters need to prepare and always put safety first. Here are a few tips to make your trip a little easier:

  1. Load up on patience before you walk out the door. Delays are unavoidable when there are a few inches of snow cover on the roads.
  2. Leave at least half an hour early.  Bus operators do everything they can to be on-time but they are fighting the weather just like you are.
  3. Layer up: You're much safer wearing gloves, boots, hats and sweaters than to be unprotected if by chance the bus doesn't make it.
  4. Never stand in the street to flag your bus. Find the closest driveway to the stop and wait there.
  5. Wear bright clothes so the driver can see you at the stop. 


  • PH 5 years ago

    I thought that the snow was supposed to begin on Tuesday night?

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