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Load and Unload Bikes from Bus Racks

How to Load Bikes onto MBTA Bus Racks
How to Load Bikes onto MBTA Bus Racks

Keeping fingers crossed for warmer weather, why not enhance your daily commute with a little exercise! Combine riding the T, Commuter Rail, or Bus by riding your bike to and from station stops.

The following "How-To" shows bike commuters how to load and unload their bicycles from bus racks. These steps and photographs are credited to the MBTA website. Check out the attached link to find more information on riding the MBTA with bicycle transportation.

"To load:
• Squeeze the handle in the center of the rack and pull the rack down until flat.
• Place bike, front wheel first, into the rack wheel slot. Use the slot closest to the bus first.
• Pull out support arm and raise it up over the front tire, or rotate lever to secure front tire.
• Check that your bike is secure. Avoid kneeling or squatting out of the driver′s line of sight. Bikes cannot be locked to the rack.
• Let the driver know where you will be getting off, and sit near the front of the bus to watch your bike. The MBTA is not responsible for stolen or damaged bikes.

To Unload:
• Exit through the front door and let the bus driver know you will be removing your bike.
• Raise the support arm off the tire, or rotate the lever.
• Lift your bike out of the rack.
• If the rack is empty, squeeze the handle in the center and fold it up until it locks.
• Move your bike onto the curb and let the bus driver know when you are done. Never cross the street in front of the bus. Passing traffic cannot see around the bus.
• Wait for the bus to depart before getting on your bike."