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Lizzie Rovsek tells Tamra Barney she can have 'RHOC' after number is leaked

TV personality Lizzie Rovsek attends OK Magazine's So Sexy L.A. Event at LURE on May 21, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Angela Weiss

It seems that like Lydia McLaughlin, Lizzie Rovsek will leave "The Real Housewives of Orange County" after only one season. In a Facebook post posted on Thursday, July 31, Lizzie told Tamra Barney that she can have the show all to herself.

Monday night's episode showed Lizzie getting mad at Tamra for not letting her know until the last minute that she was not attending her birthday party. Tamra claims that the show's producers told her to wait until the last minute, when cameras were rolling, to tell Lizzie that she was going to be a no-show and that Lizzie knew this.

In an attempt to defend this claim, Tamra posted to her Facebook page, which has since been deleted, a text that she had sent Lizzie. Unfortunately, the posted text image contained Lizzie's phone number, which resulted in her having to change her number.

In an interview with RumorFix, Tamra said that she did not leak Lizzie's phone number on purpose and that she's "very sorry" that it happened. Tamra claims that she deleted Lizzie from her contacts list after filming the reunion show so when she pulled up the text, it only showed her phone number. Tamra added that she quickly realized her mistake, deleted the post and tried to call Lizzie to let her know what happened.

Yet Tamra's "apology" also seemed to put some of the blame on Lizzie. Tamra explained that she posted the text because she was tired of Lizzie tweeting about her and leaking stories to the press.

In her Facebook post, Lizzie let everyone know that she doesn't think much of Tamra's "apology." Lizzie criticized Tamra for putting the blame on her. She denied tweeting anything incriminating and leaking stories to the press. She also seems to have given up on being a housewife on "The Real Housewives of Orange County." "I don't know this game and I don't know press. Filming is over. Woman, please get a life. Leave me alone....You can have the show. It's all yours," she wrote.

Will Lizzie Rovsek really leave the show because of Tamra Barney's action? Only time will tell. Lizzie may not even have to since it has been reported that Tamra has been fired from the show.

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