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Lizzie Borden: Just A Girl

By Julie Griffin

The only papers from his professional career which he retained...from his most publicized defeat."  The Knowlton Papers (Fall River Historical Society)
Lizzie Borden
Once the man died, Lizzie who felt her life no longer in danger simply did not want to go back for a retrial.  She just wanted to get on with her life and let sleeping dogs lie.
Lizzie Borden

The rights of a noble woman have been trampled upon by you and your bloodhounds. ~ The Knowlton Papers

A brutal state for women to begin with, Massachusetts and an illegitimate child of one man made Lizzie Borden the first wrongfully accused woman of the ax. And the act of the ghosts who want to tell the tale today take a while according to most ghost chasers to warm up. Speaking of ghosts, many find it comforting to know that people like the lawyer in the film who badgered poor innocent Lizzie nearly half to death are a mere mist asleep under a tombstone today. No one in this town thinks I am capable of anything remarked the original Miss Borden, a woman who just a girl later did nothing more than make a girlfriend out of a famous theater star of her day and throw her and her theater team lavish celebrations and travel. Part of why she was likely afraid to reveal the identity of the real murderer of her parents to the authorities. Just tell them the truth, she advised her sister during the trial. Lizzie who trusted the system of the court system to acquit her, although the wheels of that justice rolled a lot longer than she thought they would, the miracle finally came through for her, and announced her not guilty.

And the truth about her and a woman with great local family ties, she may had not wanted to divulge the truth about her half-brother while he still alive, the real truth with a lot of underlying facts about that to explore ~ The same butcher career brother at the murder scene the same day, and that she also suspected as did others later that the same mad man the town lynch mobbed and silenced also axed a few others as far as the state of Missouri. But while the latter not really a for sure proven, the prior was. And paperwork and other things found and mentioned after the trial some years later speak for all of that. In short, the true criminal of the Lizzie Borden legend, while actually a man, who committed all of the vast details of the crime for which Lizzie initially took the rap, the facts prove themselves.

  • He knew how to slaughter a cow without making a mess and show up at church a moment later.
  • It was clearly stated that a woman of the muscular frailty of Lizzie could not have swung the ax.
  • Her half-brother was angry with his father for not giving his own unwed mother more money.
  • The brother committed a second ax murder crime as Lizzie sat in jail, even further proving her innocence.

While Lizzie may have had mental illness, the half-brother was actually criminally mentally ill. Once he died though, Lizzie who felt her life no longer in danger simply did not want to go back for a retrial. She just wanted to get on with her life and let sleeping dogs lie. In short, family blood does not run as thick as small town local legends. And what the homing pigeons knew, so a secret within a family that some think that even though Lizzie did not kill her father or her stepmother, that her father may had forced her to commit incest. The stepmother innocent, and that her own father forbid her from even living life, a father with so many enemies and so many more disputes with others, the cinematic ghostly levitation of the camera captured the mystical art of each moment of the life of the film. A secondary fascination for the film, the story builds up to a crescendo of entertaining past life ghost tour like scenes, which only add to the terrifying suspense of it all. The facts all so construed, and with Lizzie so falsely accused, The Yellow Wallpaper crumbled around her ~ And although Lizzie showed some slight signs of rebellion within her own home, she knew as her sister knew that even though she did not commit the crime they wanted to say she did, that it is just one of those things where any little thing she did made her look like the criminal when it was her half-brother all along. She did teach Sunday school on Sundays. But even she realized that to laugh if your life has not yet been fully desecrated by church people a wonderful luxury. Still, strangely enough it was said that Borden attended the church in her small town all the days of her life anyway, and likely as a measure to get on the last raw nerve of the legalists. And just like the others who wrongly ostracized her, even Lizzie knew that to dance alone a more depressing deity of error than the rejection of rejects.

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