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Liz Cheney Defender of Traditional Marriage is Abandoning her Senate Bid

The Sisters Cheney
The Sisters Cheney
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Why she didn't run in Virginia where she actually, what is the word, oh yes resides remains a mystery. She could have possibly won in the state that did not tar and feather Ken Cuccinelli. Many folks even voted for him. Okay his opponent, the new Governor is no prize but there are people who actually supported KC. Even after hearing him speak.

After all, there are the Washington suburbs and then miles of Alabama with Virginia zip codes.

But we digress and right from the onset.

Still Liz chose Wyoming. Perhaps she had fond memories of the state. When her father flunked out of Yale, he finally graduated college from the U of W. And according to her hilarious ad, a grandmother- probably paternal- was a sheriff. Or shot slaves seeking freedom. Or something.

But after tearing apart both her family and the GOP in Wyoming, Cheney will cease and desist whatever you call her campaign.

Never has so much been broken for so little in return.

But let's look on the bright side. Here is a member of the GOP who can actually do math. Does this mean that some other Republicans may be able to understand science in the near or distant future? Too early to tell. Back to basic arithmetic. Cheney, by most polls, was losing by 50 percentage points. A ten point differential is considered a landslide in electoral politics. Just saying.

So Liz is offering as alibi that family illness is the reason for her stepping away from the campaign trail.

Well wash my board and invade Iraq. Could someone be struggling to adjust to the undead lifestyle?

Okay, we can prove that Cheney the elder lied, and tortured and ruined the economy, military and several far flung nations. But no one has ever validated the claim that he drinks puppy blood for sustenance. (click through, you won't be disappointed.)

So stop spreading that rumor.

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