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Living your truth

Are you living your truth? You can tell if you are because, if so, you’ll be guided by your inner light, it will shine bright. Its radiance will even illuminate others and impact them in a positive way. If you are living your truth, your focus will be purposeful. Although you are the center of your universe, and you prioritize yourself because you understand the need for self-care, your intention will be to better the world and those who surround you.

You can be your best by embracing your passion.
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Does your spirit light up your life or is it dull and flickering?

If it is shadowed, what keeps you from surfacing and embracing your true essence?

When the best of you is present, you are rich with natural abundance.

Think of your life as a garden; with work seeds are planted, when they are nurtured, growth takes place. If the soil isn’t properly tilled and full of nutrient, these seeds will not manifest vegetables. And, if you do not pull the weeds, they will soon overtake this space and the fruits of your labor will be barren.

Do you recognize the toxin or weeds that are smothering your spirit? If so, it is time to find the courage to till this space before it is so overgrown you won’t be able to recognize yourself.

If you are feeling bad about who you have become, realize your feelings are the impact of your thoughts. Seed change by thinking positive, remember your strengths and build upon them; nourish these encouraging thoughts by taking action to surface your true self.

Retire procrastinating tendencies. Live in the moment and make each moment count because, you my friend, are worth it!

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