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Living your life on purpose

Who is your life's GPS?
Who is your life's GPS?
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Your life is moving in a direction.  The question is, is it being directed by you or moving by default?  Most, live their lives by default, taking whatever comes and dealing with the issues as they arise.  But there is a better way.  You can live your life on purpose.  "On purpose" meaning not by accident or default.  You set the direction, you guide the way essentially you become your life's GPS. 

There are very simple steps that can be utilized to begin to map out your life.  The first step is to identify what is "not" working in your life.  What needs to change in order for you to live the life of your dreams? Is it a better paying job, starting your own business, finding a new love partner, owning a home, losing weight?  All of these are common areas that most people are not happy with in their lives.  Make a list of those areas that you would like to improve.

Now that we have identified what we don't want to exist in our lives any longer.  Now it is time to identify those things that we do want.  So the second step is creating a clear vision of how we would like our lives to look.  You can do this through journaling , for each item that you want to change, create a separate page in your journal.  For example, you may have in your journal a page devoted to increased prosperity.  On that page you may list, things that would allow that to manifest in your life, like a salary increase or promotion.  You may want to start a new business or take some classes. 

Another way, and in my opinion the best way to create a clear vision of your new goals is through creating a vision board.  A vision board is basically a tool that allows all the goals, dreams, desires to move from the mental realm into the physical.  It is a visual reminder of what you are wanting to achieve or attract into your life.  Vision boards can be created by using canvas or poster board and cutting out pictures from magazines that represent what you would like to achieve.  If the idea of thumbing through magazines, cutting, glue and so forth do not appeal to your inner child, there is a simpler way which is an electronic vision board.  It is a program which you download to your pc that allows you to create your vision board on your computer.  You can then save your electronic vision board to your desktop or even your IPod, allowing you to keep your goals and visions at your finger tips. For more information on electronic vision boards you can click here.

After creating your goals, the most important step is keeping focused on them.  Focus on your goals daily through your vision board or journal and visualize yourself obtaining those goals.  If one of your goals was to lose weight by a item of clothing in that new size and hang it up in a prominent place.  Your vision board helps with this step as well. Then set your intention on acheiving your goal weight in a natural and healthy manner.  There are many healthy weight loss programs which can assist you. Healthy Temple Herbals offers a great weight loss program which focuses on cleansing and detoxification as well as utilizing the latest weight loss ingredient, the Acai berry in their Acai Cleanse, Burn and Lose program.

 Lastly, do not speak against your goals. If your goal is increased income, making statements like "I'm broke" is speaking in contrary to what it is you are desiring for yourself and therefore sets a new direction for your life.  There is a saying "life and death lie in the tongue" which basically means that what we speak and think about  our life can give our dreams life or kill them.  This is further explained in the theories of the "law of attraction" .  Being conscious of our words and thoughts is the tool that gets you to your ultimate destination.

Taking these few simple steps will help you achieve your dreams. Just remember "if you can conceive it, you can achieve it"