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Living within the Confines of an Artificial Reality

Are we really living our own lives are is someone else dictating how we make decisions? Is what our current society promotes what our Creator pictured or what His Son came to Earth for? I think that you can answer that question very easily by just standing still and looking around you. We have a world full of people but they have faces of zombies. It seems like no one is willing to stand up for what they believe in or show others how to break free. What are we really scared of? Why are we scared of life?

Everyday I take the bus from Lakeville to Minneapolis Northbound and from Minneapolis to Lakeville Southbound, in the afternoon. When I am headed back home, it is considered rush hour. So things can get pretty busy but I get on the bus at one of the first stops so that I beat the rush and pick a good seat. I have whats called a "Go-To" card which I swipe on a device that they call the "blue device", which is a separate device from the "fare-box." The "fare-box" is used for when a rider wants to pay in cash/currency.

When I get on in the morning I swipe my card by the "Go-To" card "blue device" and when I get on the bus in the afternoon I do the same thing. A real easy process you would think, guess again. One day I was getting on the afternoon bus and swiped my card, the bus driver tells me to wait until I get off because we are headed southbound and its rush hour. I told him that if he could show me that in writing then I would have no problem following the rules but if he couldn't then that meant I had a choice.

When we made the finally stop in Lakeville, I knew that he was going to say something to me so I paused my music on my mp3 player. I said thanks for the ride and for him to have a nice day. He then told me to make sure that I swipe my "Go-To" card when I get off. That's when I asked him to show it to me in writing, he said it was listed clearly on the bus schedule. I told him that I had a couple in my bag and I would look at it when I got home and I would have no problem following his lead if that was what the rules listed.

I was walking on the side of the road from the bus stop, when the bus driver stopped the bus, and handed me the schedule. He told me to look and that it stated clearly that you "pay" when you get off when headed southbound. I accepted the schedule with the rules and agreed with him. But when I got home, I took a close look at the schedule and I saw something completely different then what he was telling me. It made me realize that he was told the rules by someone else and didn't take the time to read it himself.

The "How to Ride" rules list at point #2 that when you are paying with cash/currance at the "fairbox" you pay when you get off during rush hour, when headed southbound. It then has a space and the next section of text starts. That section refers to using a "Go-To" card and using the "blue device near the farebox." With the space/split between the text and clear reference of two different devices being used, it lets the brain know that two different actions are being described.

I pointed this out to the bus driver when I saw him the next day and tried explaining this to him and he told me to take it up with the legal department of MVTA. I told him we could take it to court and I would win.

I have noticed that the past two weeks when I'm taking the bus that the driver turns the "blue-device" off so that people are forced to use it when they get off. So, I was riding the bus today on a different route headed in the same direction and with a different driver, the "blue-device" was turned off. I asked the bus driver what was going on and he said that they were printing new schedules for the MVTA routes because they had to make revisions to the listed rules because it had a mistake that had to do with when riders swipe with the "Go-To" cards when headed southbound.

Why do you all think the rules revision is happening? The reason why I brought this up to the drivers attention is because my life is in his hands when I am riding that bus and other riders lives as well. If the drivers aren't thinking for themselves and know the rules of MVTA, then how are they making other decisions in life? How are other riders making decisions in their lives if I am the only one that noticed this flaw in the clearly listed rules?

This earth is to beautiful to just let it pass you by without enjoying it. We have been blessed with to many opportunities to explore new things then to be satisfied with nothingness. Do we want to merely exist, or are we ready to live life? Remember that the choice is yours.

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