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Living With Your Bisexual Husband

Bisexual Husband
Bisexual Husband

Quite a number of us are brought up in a traditional setting. There is the wife, the husband and the kids. But should there be a bisexual husband or wife? Society says the wife and the husband should only be attracted to each other and their sexual orientation cannot be anything but heterosexual. That is an ideal world that very rarely exists. The truth of the matter is that, very many relationships are what you can call, sexually eclectic. Some are swingers, others have spouses who are attracted to the same sex individuals and others have spouses who do not like sex at all. Eclectic! But what is a woman to do when she discovers that she has a bisexual husband?

The traditional tenets of a marriage dictate that an individual should be able to accept their partner the way they are. This is why there should be a dating and engagement period, where each player gets to know their partner. This is the time when people share their secrets and get to decide whether or not they can live with what the other person has to offer. But, granted, some secrets never come out until late into the relationship. Sometimes, some secrets are triggered by big life events like getting a child, or midlife crisis, for men. Whatever the case, the woman finding out about her bisexual husband will undoubtedly feel betrayed at some level. But the one thing everyone should remember is that this is a person you have grown to love. You love them for who they are and not 'what' they are. Of course, the 'what' has a role to play, but the 'who' often wins out. Just because you found out that your husband is bisexual does not mean that your marriage is over. It just means that you now have some adjusting to do. Here are some tips that will help you cope with this situation positively.
Loving your bisexual husband

Simply in light of the fact that your life partner is bisexual, doesn't fundamentally mean he is going to be unfaithful now. You may suspect that they have as of now had an unsanctioned romance, however - this is the same as any sort of close couple relationship. All you can do is ask and expect an honest answer.

Take stock

Thinks of how far you have both come. Of course, there are problems within your union, every relationship has one. That does not mean that you cannot talk them out. Take stock and decide on an amicable direction together.
Understand what your partner is going through. What you may not understand is that this may have come as a shock to them too. But even if they knew long before they told you, it doesn't make it any less difficult. Try and understand things from their perspective. This may not be entirely possible, but just accept the fact that it makes sense to them.
You won't have the capacity to change one another, however you can help one another to feel more cheerful about your future together.

Give them a chance to talk

Don't interfere with their explanations, but ensure that you've comprehended what was being said. Great listening will help you both to process the information and chart the way forward faster.
Acknowledge and understand that you're both on an alternate time scale. You have recently found out about your bisexual husband, you're barely adapting - you have a long road in front of you. Your husband may have come to this conclusion after a long time of contemplating whether or not to tell you and, if so, how it would affect your relationship. They need your support as much as you need theirs.

Discover whats best

Interact with help associations and attempt to discover different couples who have figured out how to ride the waves and survived. Don't settle on any noteworthy choices about the path forward, other than getting some advising. You converse with a master guide at this time. Anyhow, you could both see a marriage counselor or relationship advocate to help you both see one another's sentiments and conquer your troubles together.

Keep in mind though being bisexual or attracted to alternative sex is not anything new in a relationship, some swinging relationships start out in this manner. You can either embrace it or run from it. Some wives are heavily turned on by the bisexual lifestyle and there are some benefits to being in a bisexual relationship. Read more:[5 main benefits of a bisexual couples relationship

Remember being bisexual is different than being gay, the both of you can choose to embrace a swinging lifestyle or even an open relationship if you so desire. You can always try and work on your relationship. This is where all your conflict resolution skills will be put to the test. If you had any underlying issues from the past, they will come to light now. But is divorcing or separating from the husband really the answer? Did you know there are several swinging couples where the husband is bisexual or the wife is bisexual and they have a lower divorce rate. Read more:[Swingers have lower divorce rates than monogamous couples ]

You need to remember how you used to find the way forward during those tumultuous teething years in your relationship.
In the event that eventually your relationship or marriage does end, do please make it a decent completion, so as not to harm each of your self-esteems any further. Acknowledgement likewise means having the capacity to proceed onward - permitting one another to begin once more with poise.

Whatever your future may hold, do make it feasible for your youngsters to love every one of you without disgracing them, or their father and attempting to incite any sentiments of blame. Some couples join the Swing Life Style and have threesomes such as Male-Male-Female of MMF.

If you choose to embrace the swinging lifestyle, then you would join millions of people already involved in bisexual activities, cuckolding hotwifing and more. Being bisexual is nothing to be ashamed of nor get divorced over and can be fun in a relationship. To visit a bisexual, swinging and cuckolding website you can visit: Bisexual Couples