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Living with your bestfriend, is that good or bad

Color coordinating is a good way to show that you get along
Color coordinating is a good way to show that you get along

When starting a new chapter in life, you have to start making major decisions. This includes time management, money management, buying groceries, the best cable provider, and most importantly the best Wi-Fi provider. But before all those decisions, you have to decide who you are living with.
Most people simply think that it’s best to live with someone they know very well. They believe it’s safer and it’s one less thing to worry about because of trust. Now it’s not a bad thing to live with friends but just because you get along well when you are together, does not mean it will be the same living together. Living together and being with your friend everyday are two completely different concepts. The first allows you to see how your friend is when you are not around. This is the side that is very important because you need to know how this person will mesh with you when you are living together.
If you decide to live with your best friend make sure you know them well, not just from what you see. Living with friends can be worse than living with a stranger. You have to know your friend in a new way when you decide to live with them. The things that were minor at first could progress into something major. It’s best to test your living compatibility before you actually take that big step. Many friendships end because the individuals are not fully aware of how it is to live with your friend.
Here’s an experiment you can try with friends you want to live with if you are going to college. Try actually living with them for maybe two weeks. Pretend you are actually at your college choice. Continue your daily routine as always and pay close attention to your friend. See how they behave in the morning and at night. Also, continue your normal routine with your friend like hanging out and going out together. The consistent communication and being in one another’s space will give you the experience of having a roommate. Now the most important thing is to remember that mom and dad are not in the equation at this point. If something should go wrong, it’s up to you and your friend to fix it.
The purpose of the experiment is to see what quirks the both of you have. Remember some things are trivial and cannot be helped. For example, if you make a list of things that may have bothered you a little during the experiment, one of the quirks should not be that my roommate breathes hard. That may be something that they have no control over and it’s completely silly.
Discuss your issues or minor annoyances with your future roommate and discuss each of them. It’s better to explain why you do something so that it is understood. If it is something that can be mended, try to mend it specifically for the sake that you are sharing your space for longer than two weeks. When everything is discussed, you should have a better understanding of your friend.
This is not to discourage people from living with their friends, but a way to help you get along. Knowing and fixing the small things, before they become bigger, is the best way to do it. Talk to your friend and remember that not everything that bothers you can be changed or needs to be. Learning to live with your roommate through the good and bad is a part of growing up. Just remember that no roommate is perfect and some quirks you just have to live with.

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