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Living With Cancer XXV

Living With Cancer XXV

Mom has passed away and we have buried her. The house is empty for now as my Father spends more time at his girlfriends than back at home, but this won't last for long. I woke up the day after the funeral. I had lost my Mother, my dog had run off, my friends had stop calling, and so had my family. I was alone. I knew I would be going into the Army in a few months but what was I going to do in the meantime. I had all kinds of money but didn't know what to do. I didn't have to pay the bills that was up to my Father.

So I hopped into the car and went to the best place in the world, Pass-A-Grille Beach. My Mother and I had gone there Saturdays for most of my young life, so it was the first place I thought of. I went swimming, it was still cold, but I didn't care. I sat there in the car getting warm and I started to cry. I couldn't believe that my Mom would never see this place again. I was so sad. I was lost. I didn't know what to do. I went to the McDonald's we used to always go to but it didn't taste the same. No matter what I did to try and take away the pain it just didn't help.

I went home and laid around the rest of the day. It wasn't until a couple of days later that people started to call. They all tried to say how sorry they were that my Mom had died but there was no hope. People just didn't care what happened to me after Mom died. It was like they just wanted me to go away because I reminded them of my her and they didn't want to think about it. I've got to say people can be so cold at times. I needed people, and as much as I tried to act like I had it under control, I was unraveling at the seams. This is when I started to try harder drugs and really didn't care what happened to me. Man did I want to die.