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Living With Cancer XIII

Living With Cancer XIII

Recently, we've been talking about how my Father had left my Mother and how I reacted to it. Well now we are going to backtrack a little to about the 5th grade when my Mother had her ovaries removed to try to help stave off the cancer. This period which would have been around 1972 was a very trying period for my Mother. You see prior to her having her ovaries out, my parents had been talking about adopting. Which I must admit I was game for. I think I've mentioned this before, but what you don't know is that this was about the time my Mother became very religious.

My mother had always been religious but it was around '72 when she started to really get into her Catholicism. She would first attend a typical Bible study, but then she started going to the Charismatic movement which took place at St. Lawrence around this time.

My Father was a Baptist by birth but was not a practicing one. He and Mom would talk about it privately, and sometimes when they would go out in public the conversation would move into the area of Religion. I think my Mom wanted to make sure she had all her afterlife bases covered. I was already going to St. Lawrence School at the time, so most people knew my Mother, but it was at this time that most people became aware of my Mom's cancer fight. Maybe not my friends but their parents did.

I never felt awkward talking to Mom about Jesus Christ. Mom's faith proved to be a God send for her. It helped her get through much in those last years. So if you find yourself with a friend or family member who turns to God during their fight with cancer then by all means talk with them about it. The calmness that it gives them is amazing. It can help you also. You see for years I would attend church but it was like I was going through the motions. It wasn't until after my Mom had been dead for about 5 years when I was faced with a fight I could not win. I tried to fight God. I tried everything I could do to piss him off. He and I had some knock down drag out fights. He won of course and it will be he who gets my soul when the time comes. Look, I'm just saying that in these times when you have someone dying of cancer life can be very trying. You have to trust in someone, and trusting in God doesn't hurt. Peace.