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Living With Cancer VIII

Living With Cancer VIII

Growing up with a Mother who fought cancer for 15 years one would think how terrible that would be. I have to be honest there were occasions when it was pretty nasty. After a while, sometimes we were able to laugh about it. Then there were those instances when my Mother would ask, "Would you like to see my heart?"

Mom had another surgery when I was in the 5th grade. When they were done there was so little skin covering her heart and rib cage that you could literally see her heart beating. I've got to admit, watching her heart beat within her chest was a freaking trip.

There were also good times. Like when I was in the 2nd grade. She was well enough to travel so we went to Europe. Eight years old and running around another continent, now that was an adventure. I still remember it to this day. Our family was happy.

My Father had a young gun parts business and we used to go to gun shows a dozen or more so times a year. We would travel all over the Southeastern United States going to gun shows, now that was cool. This provides another beautiful memory with my Mom. She would explore all the cities we would go to while my Father and I would work the shows. Those Saturday nights we would get all dressed up and eat at the finest restaurants each city had to offer. At a very young age I knew what oysters on the half shell and prime steak were all about. Mom loved dining at fine restaurants very much. She loved to get dressed up and go out on the town. After awhile it grew to be very tedious for me. McDonald's was cool, and my Father would love that idea, but Mother would always love the beauty of it all.

Mom couldn't participate in some of the things we would be doing, but we still got out and enjoyed life. Just because a person has cancer it doesn't mean you ball up and die. Life can still be a wonderful adventure despite it all.