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Living with Cancer I

Living with Cancer I

My name is Christopher Granger. I was born and raised in Tampa,Florida. From the age of three my mother had cancer. In the beginning it was something that I took for granted. I lived for 15 years with a mom who fought the battle against probably the worst disease known to man. You see it comes in many forms and it has no conscience. I am writing this story for many reasons but most of all for those who suffer cancer and have children. You see even though the adult may have the disease it is the children who are most affected. There is a given in this existence, we will all die one day. It is the children who must survive and continue to grow. One of the main things that they must learn is that it is not their fault. I hope that at least one person can take something from this and help turn a situation around in their life. Cancer is one of the major issues that we as human beings must deal with but unfortunately it is also one of those taboos that we try to hide from.

I was in the old St. Joseph parking lot sitting in the family station wagon. I was three years old and was not allowed to go to my Mother's hospital room. I was told to look up and I would see my Mother in the window. In a third floor window I saw my Mother waving at me. My mother had surgery two days before. She had a radical mastectomy. She had her left breast removed. The funny thing was that at the time I didn't know what a breast was. Mom would be in the hospital for several more days. When she came home I was not allowed to climb on her. I was barely allowed to go near her. All I knew was that I wanted my Mother. Mom would be out of work for many weeks. She could barely move her left arm. She was in a lot of pain. This was 1964. Cancer was a very nasty business then.

Mom had her left arm wrapped for many months after the surgery. She returned to work and life was back to normal. Only for a very short period of time.