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Living with autism - Part 2 of 5


Part 2: Friends growing up and grade school days.

What do you remember about your grade school years ?

not much its like a blur. I remember some major incidents but they are all related to health accidents. Broken bones and teeth and some close calls.

What was your favorite thing to do during grade school years?

I loved to make things. I would create clay scenes and make movies. I loved drawing stick figure men going through obstacle courses doing dangerous things. We lived in a snow area with woods and I would something just walk through the woods. During the snow season, i would roll around in the snow and build snowmen. most of all Loved making wars scenes.

How were your grades in school?

 Academics was easy for me, I was mostly bored in school things were moving to slow for me. I did realize that it was suppose to do it a different way. I just sat there and would complete my work once the teacher pretty much asked. Test were way to easy and I thought there should have been much more information and questions asked.

What were your friendships like?

 I enjoyed the company of teachers and older students because they seemed to understand things and my desire to learn anytime possible. I would ask questions and learn as much as possible, it was like I could'nt get enough and had to read or talk to people about things. I had no interest in toys or games during those years just doing my own thing and people didnt realy understand what I was doing.

What was your favorite subject?

Math, all those numbers made everything fit in place. Its like without numbers things don't make sense. Best second would be reading, I could sit outside looking up to the sky and read books for hours. I guess it was the thirst for knowledge and trying to understand how things work.


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