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Living with a concealed weapon


  • Mike Panebianco 6 years ago


    The post raises some excellent points. All of which anyone should consider prior to fitting a weapon.

    There are many more detractors to list, but the one, and only benefit of carrying a weapon is greater than all of the former. Life.

    Carrying a weapon is frowned upon by so many, because they don't want the responsibility, or fear it as they may. If its fear they want to alleviate, I suggest bans on cars. They kill every demographic, every minute. Cellphones are a close runner up....but I digress.

    However, many choose to arm, train, and carry lawfully, and should be more than familiar with that responsibility.

    I hope that those who read your blog and do not see themselves as responsible and aware will avoid carrying. However, if you choose to carry, obey the law, train with your weapon; and most of all welcome to the sheepdog community.

    The freedom to arm yourself should never be taken lightly. Giving up that freedom shouldn't either.

  • Alan Hughes 5 years ago

    Jacob, many states (like mine) prohibit the carry of firearms in bars or while intoxicated. A person who is intent on following the law will keep that in mind. As for telling co-workers etc, no! It's a bad choice. All other things aside, if something happens (such as a robbery), one of them may turn to you and blurt out "you have a gun, do something", forcing you into a bad situation not of your doing. You might have been content with being a good witness or, if needed, waiting for the proper tactical situation. All of that goes away when your blabber-mouth "friend" starts talking. As for concealing....that's not as difficult as you make it sound. Proper selection for weapon, holster and clothing make it simple. I'm a slender guy and live in a hot, humid climate. Never found it to be a problem. I even managed to conceal a full-size pistol while living/working in Central America.

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