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Living will do you need one

A Living Will also called an Advance Directive is a legal document that is ideally signed while the person is in good health.

The purpose of a living will is to have your wishes about your medical treatment written down legally in the event of being incapacitated.

When you are critically ill, have a terminal illness, or in a vegetative state that is permanent and you can’t communicate with others an advance directive document tells the doctors and your family about your wishes for the medical treatment wanted or if you decline any medical treatment if you are dying.

Anyone who does not want to be hooked up to a ventilator or any other life saving medical equipment needs to let it be known and the living will is the best way to assure your wishes are followed through to the end.

You can speak with your health care provider and discuss any questions you might have about a living will and any treatments you might wish to have and those you do not want performed.

After your advanced directive (living will) document is drawn up and signed it would be a good idea to give a copy to a family member in case of an emergency and a copy to your personal physician to put in your file in case of the need.

Having a Living Will can save your family members a lot of unnecessary grief. As in the above video.

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