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Living in Walmart: Teenage boy caught living in Texas Walmart for few days

A teenage boy would rather live in Walmart than with relatives.
A teenage boy would rather live in Walmart than with relatives.
Fox 8

To many people, they may often feel like they live in Walmart because they have to visit the giant retailer so often. In Texas, there was actually a 14-year-old boy who was literally living in Walmart for a few days because he ran away from home, according to My Fox DFW on Aug. 13, 2014.

On July 28, 2014, the boy's aunt reported him missing from when he had been staying with her in Corsicana, Texas. This was all while the boy's parents were out of town. His aunt said she was watching TV when he sneaked out of the home.

Upon contacting his mother, the police found out that the boy had run away in the past. The police also learned that family members had been searching the area for him, but had no luck in finding him. His mother said he would often take shelter in abandoned homes and businesses.

The NY Daily News reported that the boy was eventually found 54 hours after he ran away from home, and he was found living in Walmart.

"This is a sad situation," said Walmart spokesman Brian Nick.

An investigation is ongoing to see how long the boy had been living in the Walmart once they found him. He had actually built a "small compound" behind rolls of toilet paper. The teenage boy would change his clothes often and even wore diapers so he wouldn't be caught going to the bathroom.

Walmart employees said he often stayed in two locations.

One spot was in the baby products aisle behind big boxes holding strollers. The other location was behind the paper towels and toilet paper. He would live off of food in the store and made a crack in the back of the drink aisle so he could take beverages.

Police have said that the teenager was in fine physical condition. Walmart has asked the police not to press charges and that they aren't sure how many items he took from the store.

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