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Living Vegan for Dummies with Alexandra Jamieson!

Adopting a vegan lifestyle may be the cure-all to disease
Adopting a vegan lifestyle may be the cure-all to disease
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Nutrition in theory has become very baffling, and yet it doesn't have to be.

With hundreds of different dietary theories available, figuring out 1 that is right for you can sometimes be mystifying, overwhelming and downright frustrating.

Veganism has often times been misunderstood. However, once mocked as a hippie diet, it's catching on and becoming more and more mainstream.

Alexandra Jamieson, featured in the acclaimed documentary Super Size Me, as well as on 30 Days and Oprah, is a vegan chef who has proven to be a wise voice for holistic nutrition and healthy living as well as an advocate of the vegan lifestyle.

In a free on Weds, February 2nd, at 8 EST/5pm PST, Living Vegan for Dummies, you'll get the down and dirty facts straight from Alexandra herself about:

•why on earth you'd ever want to go vegan
is veganism a balanced diet?
•what a vegan can and can't eat
the healing power of plant foods
•how to stay vegan in a non-vegan world

plus tons more!


The more you know about how your food is processed and how it affects your health, the more empowered you are. Whether you're trying to figure out if a vegan diet is right for you or you just need general guidance in making the switch, this call has got you covered!

Are you ready to get the lowdown on Veganism 101 and open the pathway to a vibrant, healthy lifestyle while virtually eliminating your chances of long-term disease and illness?

CLICK HERE to register:


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