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Living in the street with a prolaps

Cocotte is up for adopt

The owner had no shame at all telling us he had thrown her in the street in January because she was suffering from a prolaps. He had no shame sending her to a long and painful death. So he phoned us, knowing we had picked up that poor little soul to tell us he was giving us the permission to adopt her out.

We got her at the beginning of August. She had been wandering near that lady's house with her intestines protruding from her behind, still eating though but getting weaker and thinner every day. She was not meowing from the pain, just asking silently for help.

The lady told us about her and knowing the consequences of a prolaps, I asked if she could bring her right away so I could see if anything could be done. Her intestines was too dry to put it back like I did once with a cat but with the help of Lucie, she was brought immediately to the vet clinic. She was there for a week. When she came back she was eating more and having regular stools. Sorry for the description.

Yesterday, the prolaps reappeared again and we had to rush her to the clinic. Another $300 for which we do not even have the first dollar. Still gathering donations. Now they will do a procedure where the intestines will be tacked from the Inside so it wont come out again. All this time, this little cat was purring and letting the vets handle her because she knew it was to help her.

The consequences of a prolaps on a street cat are fatal. So if you happen to see a cat walking in an alley with a protruding intestine from her behind, PLEASE, bring her immediately to a vet. We had to have one little black female euthanized because she had suffered from this prolaps so long that she was now very thin and going to die a painful death. That is all we could do for her. It was too late.

Keep your eyes open for a cat in peril and offer to help. That is all they are asking.

Look at those eyes, does'nt she look like a survivor ? Poor Cocotte.

If you want to help, please go to and click on the photo on top of the first page it will take you to the donations procedure. Thank you.

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