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Living on a prayer

We’re half way there- living on a prayer! …You live for the fight when it’s all that you’ve got. Words you may know from a popular 80’s rock song by Bon Jovi, or words you may know from real life. Living on a prayer is a never-ending part of life.When we want a promotion- we pray. When we need some extra money (and fast)- we pray. When we have no hope & nothing else to turn to-we pray. Everyday we live on a prayer, faithful that it will get us by. It almost seems like living on a prayer is the story of my life… Well, I guess it really is, in a way.

My mother often tells me to PUSH- Pray Until Something Happens. Sometimes “it” doesn’t happen instantaneously; as everything works on God’s time and according to His will. So with that, I have to pray for patience. I pray for wisdom to make the right decisions, as well, and not get hasty.

See, when you are living on a prayer you are giving up all doubt, worry, and fears. Living on a prayer exercises your faith to the highest power; it should overpower the desire to live on anything else. Whether in a good or bad state of our life, we should all be living on a prayer. Prayer connects us to our lifeline- GOD.