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Living life on the “Fringe”

San Diego, CA----If it’s a potpourri of theatre, dance, comedy, performance art, musical variety, personal stories or just to be where the off the beaten track trekkies assemble, then the 2014 San Diego International Fringe Festival is for you. Starting on July 3rd and going through July 13th there are in excess of eighty performances spread out in and about San Diego for eleven days and nights of the festival.

Fringe Images
Out On A Lmb: Rays Last Case by Tim West
Tim West

It will be happening at five different venues, some in the same theatre, different space: Spreckels Fringe Off Broadway, Spreckels Raw Space Off Broadway, The Lyceum, Tenth Avenue Arts Center, Main Stage and Tenth Avenue Arts Center Cabaret. Free shows at Visual Fringe and Family Fringe at the Central library.

Artists from across our great nation and across the oceans from Ireland, Italy and France, Canada and The UK, Los Angeles, New York, Fallbrook. Irvine and of course San Diego will all be gathered here in San Diego to bring their art to us.

Three of our local artists, actor Eddie Yaroch, director/actor, Tim West and artistic director Children’s Theatre Rayme Scaroni, will be showcasing their new works. Yaroch’s work “Nightbird", a drama dealing with relationships, dangerous situations and outsider help. "Nightbird"will be showing at the Spreckels Theatre Fringe Off Broadway.

Scaroni’s new musical, “The Gym” will be showcased at the Lyceum and West’s “Olivia Bolivia, a ‘self –produced satire with a paranoid twist’, staring ten year old actress Maxine Sutton, “will be playing at The Spreckels Theatre Fringe Off Broadway and his “Out on a Limb: Ray’s Last Case”, a bender in La Jolla 1954, detective novelist Raymond Chandler has a snoot full of gin…This show will be taking place at the Tenth Ave Arts center, main stage.

All times and locations can be found by logging on to where a list of the entire eighty plus times and performances will be held. Reservations and tickets can be purchased on line.

Recently yours truly had an opportunity to catch about 30 of the performances each done in less than two minutes. Any longer and they were whisked off the stage! Talk about reduced Shakespeare. Here is a sampling of what I was able to see in those 60 so minutes. BTW, they are all worthy of a second look see.

“Beau and Aero” charmed as a mini circus act. Two incompetent aviators explore flight, folly and the world around them. It is physical comedy at its best.

Scaroni’s “The Gym”, an Original Musical Revue looking underneath the muscles and tees and thongs and into the hearts and souls of the inner gym rats. "Something for Every Body".

“The Mending Monologues” at the Spreckels inspired by “The Vagina Monologues” explores gender violence issues performed by five young men.

Solo dance performer Chard Gonzalez “Nu bee” is about a man returning home after a long absence.

Another ‘movement initiative “Victor Charlie” is a moving piece of dance theatre that will hold your attention right from the outset. It is a full-length dance piece.

In Breaking Waves Festival #3 “In Deep Water, “My Brooklyn Hamlet, A Meshugenah True Story” is back again with Brenda Adelman. It is a bittersweet tale written by and staring Adelman. I saw that last year and would recommend it again another time.

Finally, “Woman In The Mirror” staring Devra Gregory in her spiritual evolution and personal journey. Ms. Gregory also happens to be a Michael Jackson impersonator and she is terrific.

Again, there is something for everyone, enjoy.

See you at the theatre.

Dates: Through July 13th

Organization: San Diego Fringe

Production Type: All inclusive

Where: In and about San Diego

Ticket Prices: Free to $10.00


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