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The Banana: Natures Powerhouse!

The Cancer Fighting Banana
The Cancer Fighting Banana
Chef Larry Edwards

Okay, let's get the sexual innuendo out of the the way. Yes, the banana has long been used as a phallic symbol and not just among teenage boys at summer camp and cheap Super 8 porn movies (not that I would know about such things), but in lore and ancient civilization. Like any ancient belief of this kind, there is some truth involved and to keep things clean, banana's will help with blood flow and rigidity. So ladies, buy some banana's and leave 'em by the bedside table!

Factually, banana's are a wonder food! Let me run through just a partial list of the maladies banana's can naturally aid in fighting: depression, anemia, blood pressure, constipation, heartburn, ulcers, stress, warts and the bugaboo of all women reaching a certain age, PMS! Banana's have also been scientifically proven to reduce the risks of breast cancer, colorectal cancer and renal cell carcinoma.

So, just what in the hell is a banana? This has been a botanical debate for a long time. Is it a fruit? Eh, it might be. Most of us consider the banana to be a fruit, but scientifically it may not be. There botanical experts who claim it is a pod and we peel the pod to eat the lush protection of the seeds. There are others who claim it is an herb as, once again botanically speaking (writing), banana's are not grown on a tree but on a large herbal plant.

A few interesting facts on banana's and then we'll get to cooking. In Japan portions of the banana are used to make clothing -which of course gives new meaning to the phrase "peel off my clothes and let's make love." The average American eats 28 pounds of banana's a year and who would you guess is the #1 banana producer in the world? You're right! It is India.

So... with good health in mind and an empty stomach to fill, here are my top five banana dishes. Along with each of the recipes you will also find simple how-to pictures when you simply click on the stunningly beautiful blue links.

Banana's Havana

Banana Oat Bread

Island Spiced Banana's

Florentine Banana Bread

Caribbean Fruit Salad

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