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Living healthier is more than a diet, it's choices

It's not just what you eat, but also what you don't eat! It's about making better choices most of the time, and forgiving yourself for slip ups!

What is expensive, food or Doctor appointments?

Maybe you love sweets? There are healthy sweets. Carrots with a little brown sugar, yams with the same, some butter and brown sugar. How about real hot cocoa? or snacks made with coconut oil and seeds? Apple cider is sweet and very healthy; not apple juice...full of high fructose corn syrup.

Maybe Coffee is your downfall, switch to real cream and a bit of honey, or brown sugar. As delicious as they are, have you read the ingredients in those decadent designer creamers? A lesser know Coffee substitute is molasses in hot water. It's not bad, and makes an easy replacement, but that's not considering a caffeine addiction!

Something you may have never heard, don't drink from plastic cups. Use ceramic, glass, and stainless steel. Plastic downgrades easily...especially if you microwave in it. It's similar to the water bottles controversy. Consuming chemicals from the plastic bottle, from it being in the heat or the sun. What's so bad about that? It clogs your cells and will stop weight loss, and add weight gain; inflammation, swelling, and disease.

No microwave. Seriously, what nutrient survives a blast of microwaves? Iron? You're wasting calories on garbage that isn't doing a thing for you. Especially if you're on a path to healing, requiring optimum nutrition...microwave(ed) food doesn't come close! Ditch it, the microwave and the pre-fabricated food, designed to be cooked in it.

Change your SALT! Now! We need salt. Our tears are salty, we sweat salty water, and our brain contains/is salty water. Salt (and every food) has an electrical frequency, and raw salt has a better frequency than processed, refined, bleached salt. A salt with minerals in tact makes much more sense. The minerals are easily assimilated, and we are all lacking minerals. And NO, chemical supplements of minerals aren't the same. Nature knew what she was doing, and they work better together....synergistically. A good salt with minerals will work like a diuretic! The minerals will feed and stimulate vital processes, that make a healthy body work better. You'll see results. Inflammation lessens.

Switch to healthy ingredients. Buy, or make, wheat bread, cut out sugar, lose the garbage oils, read labels; if it has a bunch of chemicals...skip it! Stop using fast food as fuel. Buy apples and nuts and seeds for snacks. Even salad dressing is poison now; many containing Propylene anti freeze tactic? added for shelf life too, no doubt. Try good old vinegar and olive oil, or the many other home made choices. ( Watch for High Fructose Corn Syrup in those salad dressings too!)

Move more, as in...park the car a little farther, hide the remote, and take some stairs when you can. Small steps will add up, and only you can adapt the choices to your lifestyle. Think, what can you do to improve your health. When the Doctor is needed and a diagnosis made, you have lost precious time. Then it's serious detox and healing mode, and not prevention and maintenance.

Money, Money, Money. The big easy complaint, it costs too much to live healthy. A bag of apples costs less than fast food. You also save gas. So what about Doctor appointments and healthcare costs? A healthy diet is much cheaper than Pharmaceuticals?

It's about responsibility. We are responsible for our health, and most certainly for the people we love, and care for. We are giving ourselves disease, and diseases! and we also can stop it.

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