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Living in Gratitude presents Eyes of the Heart benefiting the NTFB

Photo of Vincent Price. Living in Gratitude presents Eyes of the Heart: A Photo Exhibit of Five Dallas Legacies benefiting NTFB
Photo of Vincent Price. Living in Gratitude presents Eyes of the Heart: A Photo Exhibit of Five Dallas Legacies benefiting NTFB
Andy Hanson

Peggy Wolf's Living in Gratitude non-profit organization began three years ago as a tribute to her mother. After a special evening of dining with friends, Ms. Wolf was filled with special memories of her mother and gratitude. Each Thanksgiving holiday the Wolf family cooked a delicious meal for a needy family. When Ms. Wolf shared her art fundraiser idea to raise money for the North Texas Food Bank, her friends opened their hearts and talents for her cause. The loft community South Side on Lamar sponsors the Living in Gratitude event each year by donating their beautiful Janette Kennedy Gallery.

Living in Gratitude presents the photo exhibit: Eyes of the Heart benefiting the North Texas Food Bank
Sam Bowie

Eyes of the Heart: Five Dallas Legacies features the brilliant work of five top photographers. The Photo Exhibit and Benefit features images from the estates of Greg Booth, Jon Lagow, Charlie Freeman, Andy Hanson and Sam Bowie.

Peggy Wolf her own words, “Please come to the event on the 28th if you can. It's not fancy….The music will be wonderful. James Neel is a fabulous musician. The food is coming from the Dream Cafe... hello. I still miss their zucchini muffins from the early 80's. The wine will come to us from Stoney's Fine Wines on Oram... the best….Buy some art. Feed some people. Have a glass of wine and a snack. Say hello to friends old and new. Fill your heart up with joy for every minute we have here on the crazy planet and live your life in gratitude….”

Statistics of hunger in North Texas are alarming. According to the figures provided by North Texas Food Bank, Texas has the highest rate of hungry children in the nation. One in five children do not have adequate, nutritious meals on a regular basis. In one year the rate of childhood hunger has gone up 2 percentage points in Texas adding 163,525 more hungry children. In Texas, 37% of adults requesting food assistance work. 3.1 million do not have groceries or money for their next meal. 40% of NTFB clients have to choose between food or medications, 10% higher than the national average.

For those who believe food stamps fill the gap for hunger in North Texas, the NTFB suggests taking the food stamp challenge
. The challenge is to live a week on $2.22 a day for your food and drinks. It is important to maintain a healthy diet spending only $46.62 for the week. No free food from friends and family is allowed. With a 46 percent increase of people needing emergency assistance compared to a four-year-old hunger study, the NTFB needs more help than ever before.

Living in Gratitude Presents the Photo Exhibit and Benefit: Eyes of the Heart
The Janette Kennedy Gallery (inside South Side on Lamar Lofts)
October 28, 2011 6 to 9 p.m.

1409 South Lamar St.
Dallas, TX 75216

All proceeds benefit the North Texas Food Bank

Living in Gratitude

Peggy Wolf blog
North Texas Food Bank


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