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Living free of the plastic tree

Species: Plasticus deadlius
Species: Plasticus deadlius
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

According to the Gorillaz, ‘there is a plastic tree.’ This statement actually isn’t as whimsical as one might think it is. There is such a thing as a plastic tree, and it’s not found in any child’s toy box or a dinosaur exhibit at the museum. They are outside, growing by the wind and our own carelessness.

Back in March, the Dallas City Council passed an ordinance stating that, starting in January 2015, businesses within the city have to charge a 5 cent fee to all customers who use single-use plastic bags. Furthermore, the ordinance partially bans plastic bags from being used in city facilities, such as city hall, the police department and precinct offices, and city parks.

The reason this ordinance is being enacted is because of a massive littering problem that has been plaguing the city for years, well before the author of this article can ever remember. Trees would literally have plastic bags hanging from their branches, and they would be left up there until the wind blew them someplace else or some unfortunate bird decided to try to take it.

The cover image alone should demonstrate just how hideous the plastic tree is. And the worst part about all this is that it is just as dangerous as it is ugly.

In the oceans alone, ‘100 thousand marine creatures a year die from plastic entanglement.’ That is not even counting the millions of birds that die every year because of the substance. It has also been revealed that it can take ‘100 years for a plastic bag to break up.’ Check this page out to learn more shocking statistics about plastic, and the various programs happening on a national scale. It really brings to light just how serious this problem is both on land and sea.

And one must wonder why six men on the Dallas City Council think this citywide ban is a bad idea.

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