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Living fossils found at the world-famous Solnhofen Quarry in Germany

Living Fossils

The world-famous Solnhofen Quarry in Germany which is still in use today, produces stone tiles that are shipped all over the world. Many fossils from this quarry are housed in the Jura Museum in Eichstatt, Germany, just a few miles away from the quarry. Two of the most famous fossilized specimens that came from this quarry is the Archaeopteryx and Compsognathus. But there has been tens of thousands of other fossils that you do not hear much about, because of the nature of the finds. These fossils can be considered "living fossils", because they closely resemble modern animals.that are living today.

These creatures that are listed will simply amaze you and show you that dinosurs and modern animals lived side by side in the so-called Jurassic Era.

Shrimp - Antrimpas speciosus from Solnhofen Quarry looks similar to the modern shrimp found in the Gulf of Mexico, Litopenaeus setiferus.

Lobster - Jurassic Era Eryma leptodactylina from Solnhofen Quarry is similar to the live Maine lobster, Homarus americanus.

Spiny lobster - Palinurina longipes from Solnhofen Quarry matches a living spiny lobster from Hawaii called Panulirus penicillatus

Horseshoe crab - The horseshoe crab that are found in Solnhofen Quarry, Mesolimulus walchi, are exactly the same as a living horseshoe crab, Limulus polyphemus.

Dragonflies - Dinosaur era dragonfly, Urogomphus giganteus from Solnhofen Quarry looks quite similar to the dragonfly (Blue Dasher), Pachydiplex longipennis.

Katydids- Katydids found in Solnhofen Quarry limestone, Pycnophlebia speciosa and the living Fork-tailed Bush Katydid, Scudderia furcata are similar.

Waterbug - Modern waterbug, Lethocerus grandis looks like the Jurassic Era waterbug Mesobelastomum deperditum found in the Solnhofen Quarry.

Scorpionfly - Orthophlebia lithograhica found in the so-called Jurassic layer of strata at the Solnhofen Quarry looks exactly like the modern scorpionfly, Panorpa communis.

These are just a few of the creatures that are living today that have been found at the Solnhofen Quarry in Germany. But there has been fossilized cockroaches, beetles, bees, termites, wasps, butterflies and other insects along with spiders, millipedes, centipedes, scorpions that have been found in the rocks along with dinosaur bones.

Dr. John Long, Paleontologist and head of the science museum in Melbourne, Australia quoted, "During the time of the dinosaurs there were insects of modern aspect, as well as spiders, mites, scorpions, millipedes, centipedes and most things you would find crawling under rocks or soil today".

The truth of the matter is that marine life, insects, arachnids, birds, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, and fish lived during the so-called Age of the Reptiles (Dinosaurs). So if modern animals today were with dinosaurs, maybe we should weigh the evidence that dinosaurs did not evolve over millions of years, but were fully developed and on the earth very recently.

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