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Living Dead In Memphis - OMG Gary are you the one?


The following is based on a continuing true story.

It’s not meant to be taken seriously at all. It has been molested for pleasurable intent.

It is highly recommended that you do not read this alone. In fact, it is suggested that you continue with a group of willing participants only.   
From this point on, read out loud with a raspy southern accent.
WARNING: Some content may be disagreeable. This is all that’s being done to protect the innocent.

Resistance log – January 20th, 2010
Time: 3:00 PM
Location: Memphis, TN.
Speaking out and standing up for a belief will always bring forth opposition – This Anti-Smoking, Freedom of choice and Protection Campaign is no different.
The first log, The Living Dead in Memphis, was intended for such controversy. One brave soul stood out and shared a comment – he shall be known henceforth through this campaign as Oh My God Gary.  
OMGG thinks I’m a Drama Queen. I have no illusion he’s correct and not alone – my mother used to say the same thing, until after years and years of puffing cigarettes in public, she ran into an Intolerant.
Mother used to tell me that I would go into the future and form this resistance and that there would people just like her that absolutely will not stop… until they were all the way dead. But I promised her that I would use my god given curse to gain attention and save as many as I could.
 Oh My God Gary stepped into my web and was brave enough to bitch about it.    
I’m unsure of exactly where OMGG stands – but I’m damn near certain he’s one of them.
Outlandish things need to be said to cross lines and get noticed. Sometimes another point of view can point out when such lines are crossed.
 Oh… my… God… I just realized… OMGG could be the missing voice needed for balance – to make this campaign whole. He could be The One. Either way, there’s only one way to find out – push some buttons.
Living Dead lead a selfish lifestyle, no regard for harming others or even themselves. ST’s typically lack what’s needed for proper crowd etiquette – respect for themselves and others, or manners.  It’s time for some education.
Examples of things you just shouldn’t do in a public crowd:
·         Sneeze*
·         Cough*
·         Fart*
·         Vomit*
·         Use Foul Language*
·         Speak A Foreign Language*
·         Urinate
·         Defecate
·         Smoke*
·         Masturbate
·         Bite
·         Punch

*Not punishable by law

Involuntary actions are accepted accidents, and there’s nothing that can or should be legally done. But voluntary actions are subject to legal action – save one – smoking.
Why should smoking be any different?
EXAMPLE: I need to go to the bathroom, but I just can’t wait a few minutes to get out of the crowd and risk losing my place. So I decide to do what I need right there, next to you. You don’t notice until it’s too late, and you don’t like it – not at all. And oh no… it actually gets on your clothes - the smell! Guess what you get to endure what I’ve imposed on you for the rest of the evening or go home. 
Your outing has officially been ruined.
What do you think?
Should legal action be taken on those who impose smoke on you?
Is OMGG the chosen one?
If you’re reading this… you can read.
If you can’t read this, click here.
This is Rob Connor – OUT.
Prequel LOG
Gear up and resist:
Gear up and resist: 

Choose a side - Resist either way!

Let your voice be heard!

Become part of something ubsurd! 


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