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Living in Christ: A Thought on Corpus Christi

By Rev. Mother Meredith Moise
Today, Catholics recall the origin and reason for the faith. Today, we recall what keeps us whole, what makes us who we are. We commemorate the feast of Corpus Christi. Corpus Christi is considered a solemnity. Corpus Christi is not Christmas nor is it Easter. It is a day to remember that  the Blood of Jesus that insures our salvation. We are God's children because Jesus sacrificed himself on that cross. We are children of light because Jesus called us into communion with God. We are children of the One because the Lord called us to himself.
It's easy to forget that the Real Presence lives. When we see the wafer during communion, our eyes do not register, "This is Jesus". When we take the cup, the wine doesn't scream, "The blood of Christ". Yet, it is by the will of him who came that we partake in his body and blood. We are united by communion. We are united by the body and blood of Jesus.
During the days of Vatican 1, our parents and their parents held communion in certain esteem. The elements after consecration were paraded around the church and people venerated the Real Presence. Out of church, do we venerate the Real Presence? For scripture says to us, "How can we love God who do not see and hate our neighbor who we see daily?" The adoration of the Real Presence requires us to see him in all living beings. It requires us to hold life from beginning to end as a sacred, precious jewel. He died so that we could live. He left his body and blood as fuel for the journey, food for the soul.
We owe Jesus everything. There is not a thing that has life without Christ. We are told in scripture that it is through him that life came to be. We are drawn closer to him when we consume his body and his blood. We are made whole in his love, made real in communion. Although the Eucharist remains a remembrance of his passion, it also remains a hallmark of our redemption. We must remember, as Fr. Skip K. says, that the Eucharist never ends.
Let's take it upon our selves to see Jesus in our daily walk. Let us minister Jesus to all who we meet. Let's us take the Eucharist and remember that the love of Jesus knows no border, door, nor barrier........he remains forever  and ever, our Lord, our Savior and our King!


  • Bluelove 5 years ago

    This is an excellent article. As a newly profound Catholic I feel that this is a really good start for me on my path....I am a fan of your work and been studing your articles since the first won and I can say Keep it Up....You are an inspiration to me and you have a beautiful gift that the world has been waiting for. Never give up and keep the Faith....I look forward to future articles by an Amazing Writer.....Peace, Love, and Life. Funke'