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Living Centers Initiative (LCI) meeting scheduled

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The City of Norcross is drawing close to finalizing its Living Centers Initiative plan. Community meeting #3 is planned April 18th from 7 - 8:30 pm at the community center to discuss the current draft plan. This initiative literally shapes the future direction of the city of Norcross and it is important that you attend and be heard. On May 23rd, same place and time, the team will present the final plan.

Throughout this process, input has been derived from community stakeholders including local business owners, local commercial property owners, local developers and residents. Residents being mentioned last is not by accident.

It is up to the citizens of our city to speak up on behalf of themselves with constructive criticism and new ideas. The following excerpt, from the current brochure "Norcross Town Center Downtown Plan," deserves some consideration:

  • Lifelong Communities: the elements that make high quality, pedestrian-oriented centers are the same that create communities for residents throughout the life-cycle; data shows that the housing and amenities sought by the “millennials” are the same as those sought by the “baby-boomer” generation. These groups will comprise the greatest shift in demand within the housing and commercial markets over the next twenty years; creating places that attract options for all generations and particularly the “creative class” will sustain economic viability over time.

From what I understand about millenials, this group and baby-boomers don't match very well at all in their values, backgrounds, or work ethic and I disagree with the outcome of the study that both groups have the same desires concerning housing and amenities. If, as stated above in the excerpt, these groups will comprise the greatest shift in demand within the housing and commercial markets over the next twenty years, I submit that it is imperative that your voice be heard on this chronologically challenged topic. The plan afterall is going out some 20+ years and your opinions matter. Get in there and help shape it now, before it is too late.




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