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Living by Faith When Plans Fail

Living By Faith When Plans Fail

Isn’t it true that we love to make plans? Whether it is for a vacation, night out with the family, or just setting aside some quality time for yourself; plans seem to be a big part of our lives. But haven’t you also noticed that the most fine-tuned plan can sometimes go completely haywire, and this fact is not always a negative thing.

Let’s say for example that you and your family are arranging a refreshing weekend get-away. You have completed all of the necessary arrangements such as locating accommodations, checking the weather forecast, stocking up food supplies etc. But then all of a sudden just as you are leaving the driveway your car breaks down. “Oh God” you say, “how could this happen at this moment, after so much work has been put into this trip”? You start to growl and mutter to yourself for a few moments and sit back in frustration. After a deep breath you turn the key again but your car is out for the count! Sure enough your anger starts to rise again but you manage to utter a little prayer and God starts to speak to your heart in the moment. He wisely reminds you that there are many ways to view this situation.

First of all, can you imagine if the car broke down in the middle of nowhere with no help to be seen; or even worse while driving on a busy highway? After all the whole point is to get away from stress for awhile and relax. As you listen to God you start to feel thankful for God’s protection and foreknowledge. You can always arrange another weekend get-away when you car is fixed but if anything ever happened to you or your children your life would never be the same again.

You see friends God knows all! He loves you so much and just as we love and protect our children so our perfect heavenly father loves and protects us. The point here is that no matter how much we plan or calculate we should never leave out our heavenly father. When things do not seem to work out the way we desire let us pause and talk to God for comfort and wisdom; he is as close as our very heartbeat! There also may be many instances in which we are unable to clearly understand why things seem to go wrong or not as planned. It is at these times that we need to seek God more and place our faith in him; faith pleases God! Faith gives our heart understanding even when our minds crave exactness and rationality.

Being a Christian is a beautiful, mysterious experience because it allows us the opportunity to open ourselves up to the unknown which can be quite uncomfortable for the mind but extremely rewarding to the spirit. Friends it is great to plan; after all we are created in God’s image and he gave us a mind for reasoning and planning but he also placed his spirit within us and it is by his spirit that we are led in this life. God is your best friend!

By Gordon E. Dawe

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