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Living Barbie who’s that girl

The idea of a freak show is to humanize people in their grotesque forms and deformities, diseased, giantly obese, bearded, and werewolf. You name it, if it doesn’t appear in the magazines on a daily basis it is considered by the masses to be a freak of nature, the abnormal.

What you looking at!? Valeria Lukyanova, the "living Barbie" that's who.
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That's why they call it 'plastics'
Valeria Lukyanova, living Barbie, model,

If the morbidly obese are harassed and stared at, what would people do to a living Barbie

It wasn’t normal and it wasn’t something that should be happening. If it wasn’t for the pictures and the baby boom of mass media, we wouldn’t even know who Valeria Lukyanova is. By pushing the boundaries of what is normal, she has attained immense popularity. Barbie is a doll not a multidimensional human woman. When you imagine Valeria you see a single image.

She's got the 'the look'

Handsomely visualized, she confounds our expectations. Having established herself as the “Living Barbie, her website says she wants to empower and deconstruct the female. The trends that define her success, scantily clad, boobs, tiny waist and the full make upped vacant stare. Can the American woman identify with this portrayal? Social groups criticize Lukyanova’s homage. Privately she is deeply hurt.

I’m just a girl in the world

Will her girlish timbre become passé? She’d be less controversial if she was hanging out with communists. The symbiotic relationship with her “inside” and her “outside” appearance, she represents a paradox. Her genuinely freakish figure has become a cultural icon.

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