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Living in answered prayer

Every time you say, “I Am”, the creative process begins with this new thought. In Science of Mind and New Thought teachings, we believe, “Changing your thinking can change your life.” The first tool in this spiritual practice is the Turn away. Turning away from the condition, turning away from the past, turning away from the way you've been thinking about it and whatever it is that ails you… up until now.

You’re in the driver’s seat. Stop looking in the rear view mirror and all that is behind you. The past has no precedent. It’s behind you and cannot catch up to where you are right now. Focus your thinking on something new; usually this is all that you need and it is often right in front of you. Imagine something different. Look to the future and all that could lie in the fields of Infinite Possibilities and is waiting for you to claim. Drive through life looking through the front windshield! Watch all that you need unfold right before your eyes.

In addition, pay attention to what/who is riding “shotgun” in your passenger seat. Fear, doubt, disrespect and many others, love to ride as your baggage or copilot, helping to navigate you away from the truth and your destination. Forward is the answered prayer; live in answered prayer!

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