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Living an "authentic" life one vision at a time

In the Tower at the Grand Canyon the American Indian wall drawing is better than I imagined.
In the Tower at the Grand Canyon the American Indian wall drawing is better than I imagined.
Bill Lightcap

A long time ago, someone sent me a yellow post card and typed on the front was, “…all is possible…” I was leaving a job at a newspaper in New York City, and the future was unclear. All I knew was that I wanted to live and write differently than I had been and then this card appeared.

Since that time I have had different realizations … to think with pictures and images…to visualize outcomes…thinking this way helped me to live with less stress and a gave me a heap of confidence. I learned to trust, to be patient, and find that after all these years I don’t want to change it.

Living a life of going after what I want and watching as this life of ideas and visions unfolds and that “all is possible” … is a great way to live. I have read the esoteric masters advice and from Deepak Chopra, to Wayne Dyer and Gandhi…quiet focus works; see what you want, write it down, meditate, and watch it unfold.

Some may have a vision for years and then when it finally comes into their life or manifests they say, “I knew it!” About 5-years ago I wrote down a description criteria for the man I wanted to be with. He finally showed up in my life with one difference … that he was one inch shorter than the 5’10” that I penned. Not bad. I also went to church and lit a candle as some cosmetician told me to. She was a catholic and believed in this saint who would bring the love you were supposed to be with into your life. I did that, even though I am an agnostic, and weeks later he showed up. Now, sometimes I don’t know what works…is it part of the visualization, a lit candle, writing it down. I don’t care. What I am pretty certain of is my intent. I can see it, intend to have it through my unstoppable focus and wait for it to arrive. Others may say it is my sun sign, Scorpio and Leo rising…I am not convinced; too many variables in the planets and exact moments of birth or entry to the world. What about the time spent in the uterus and conception? How does that factor into our destiny?

Determination is part of my personality. Planning is part of the organization that takes place in the projects that I work on and complete. The behavioral things I learned from my parental models and genetics can also be part of this formula. I do let go of things and wait for the idea to take form. I do believe I can do what I want and that in time it will appear. But the other mystery is what happens along the way as we wait for the dream to jump in front of us and say, “see you did it.”

Along the path the fun part is the unexpected --- the synchronicity that comes along in coincidences that makes us say, “ah ha!” For the most part, as I see it, a step or a jump or a leap toward goals and desires is a good thing. But the surprises are equally as good.

Two days ago I was a guest on Barbara Bruce’s radio show The Believe Show on KVSL in Lakeside, Arizona. As the host and creator of this broadcast the theme Barbara has tapped into is to tell her guests and listeners to be “authentic.” She said it a few times, and it stayed with me, and as I left the interview and reflected about how it went I kept thinking about the gift she gave to me and the listeners to be our authentic selves. Her insightful connection is like the “all is possible” card. Good stuff to pass on and share.

Recently, Bill and I took a day trip to the Grand Canyon. I had previously been to the bottom where the Colorado River runs like an ancient clear-water experience, but then the view from the top where world travelers make it a goal in life to see this rock formation was both … a surprise of incredible beauty of colors and depth, and an outcome that I had envisioned. Many beliefs run through our lives and responsibilities to get through life and take care of bodily needs can at times get in the way.

Then the pictures and words that we want stay in our thoughts and move us forward; those almost haunting parts of the dream life that are easy to push aside, but they keep appearing. I am still in my dreams and envisioning my life outcomes. And then I go back to the words of a wise source who said to stay with it … “all is possible.”

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