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Living in a post-Obama era of racial entitlement

Voting Rights Act
Voting Rights Act
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While Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia believes that the repeated passage of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act is attributable to a “perpetuation of racial entitlement”, many blacks and minorities would argue that those 'entitlements' are only necessary because of the discrimination experienced on a daily basis – even with an African American President.

While conservatives have since tried to explain their way out of the Scalia comment, their repeated moronic statements on race, sex and entitlements only illuminates the changing of the guard in a political party that was once the architect of voting rights for minorities.

In fact, while Republican-controlled states as of late have been going out of their way to suppress the minority vote in the name of 'voter protection', through identification laws that pre-date a Jim Crow era of hatred; Democrats have taken a more subtle approach at discriminating against those who today make up their largest and most loyal bloc of voters.

We can easily point to the idiotic statements and references made by quite a few national GOP representatives, from Mitt Romney's 47% comment to Todd Akin's legitimate rape claims, not to mention the almost daily rants of Rush Limbaugh; however, it's not the obvious that should concern you, it's the racism masked in friendly smiles and handshakes that should worry you most.

Take for instance the attack on Historically Black Colleges and Universities in states like Maryland, where a Democratic run government on one hand says that they support equal funding of these institutions, at the same level of neighboring white schools; yet, their democratic counterparts are the ones seeking to quash such a notion in open court.

Or how about a DNA collection method of those that haven't even been found guilty, or in some cases charged with a crime; but are simply arrested and/or are victims of a crime. The genetic information system, which is an obvious slap-in-the-face of the Fourth Amendment's protection against unreasonable searches, would allow law enforcement, and eventually governmental agencies, to run the DNA of those currently in a database trying to match them with unsolved crimes.

This essentially is equal to a crime taking place in a neighborhood and the cops having the authority to round up any and every former criminal and person(s) arrested and/or charged with a crime, to be put in a photo line-up and fingerprinted – never even given a chance to provide an alibi, even if they don't fit the description provided by the victim.

It's a blind witch hunt for governmental agencies and it systemically targets minorities, such as in Maryland, where blacks make up the bulk of those whose DNA is registered. In fact, it was the 'Free State's' Democratic Governor, Martin O'Malley, who in 2009 imposed a provision that expanded the swab tests to those merely arrested, in which the state's highest court deemed unconstitutional.

This method is now before the United States Supreme Court, as civil liberties and human rights groups have pointed to the racial overtures of such a practice, like in Maryland, where in 2011 blacks made up 60% of those registered in the system – though they only make up 30% of the state population.

And this [O'Malley] is the same guy, who as Mayor of Baltimore City locked up thousands of innocent blacks and minorities with a zero-tolerance policy that had people arrested at will – and then let go without charges or papers to show anyone that they had spent the night(s) in jail?

In fact, it was during his tenure that the city was sued by the NAACP and ACLU for the city's central booking processing center – the building people charged with a crime awaiting bail reviews and trial – unjustly holding people beyond the 24-hour grace period before they were guaranteed to see a court commissioner. Thus, these racist policies are swept under the rug and kept quiet by fellow black democrats, who'd rather sell their constituencies up the river for a leadership position and/or 'political entitlement'.

Where is the justice in such silence? Why should we remain silent to the donkeys keeping us just as suppressed as the elephants? When will be realize that a two-party system does anybody any good except those who command power within these parties, and even they could care less about party affiliation; as there only symbol is that of 'dead presidents' – money = freedom/power!

So make no mistake about it, don't think the nation's highest court is going to all of a sudden make an end-around in protecting the interests of minorities; why do you think the two parties battle for the presidency? It sure isn't the meger pay that they receive. It's to make appointments to the high court and run the country into the hole their way.

While Independent voters such as myself remain the fastest growing bloc of voters in the country, and remain the demographic every politician targets during election season; why is it that we are locked out of the Primary process? Or are alienated from being appointed to boards and commissions? Why wouldn't you throw a bone or two to the one fraction of voters you don't have a political hold over? Because essentially they do!

Blacks and minorities who are registered Independent or third party voters, buy into the hype of one party favoring the rights of the poor vs the other being in favor of the higher class! Yet, when you look at the reality of racial entitlement, it is whites who will soon be using that statement to fight for 'equal rights' when they become the minority and Latinos, Asians and Blacks make up the majority.

So I'm not sure Justice Scalia should be so quick to throw around phrases like that, unless he's willing to vote against his own kind in the future? But needless to say, the conservative court that fell on the side of the people in the decision for ObamaCare, used that ruling to set up the next two crucial rulings related to race and entitlement, Voting Rights and Affirmative Action.

For as Justice Scalia said just last week, “I have grave doubts about the wisdom of where we are going in affirmative action, and in equal protection generally!” So don't expect him [Scalia] or Chief Justice John Roberts to continue the practices that have leveled the playing field for those of us who understand the nuances of race in America; and never believe that just because we got one black commander-in-chief that race in this country has miraculously dissipated?

In fact, it has only exacerbated the foolish to ignore the obvious while the powerful political figures they worship keep us oppressed! Wake up...

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