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Livin' La Vida Hota: Ricky Martin admits he's gay

Surprise! Ricky Martin is gay.

The Puerto Rican heartthrob of the late 1990s finally admitted to what the rest of the world has always known, posting comments on his website that leave no doubt as to who he is and what’s important to him. For the full comments, here is a link to his website.

It’s always hard to tell what the ‘announcement’ of one’s gayness will do to a career, but since he really hasn’t had much going on for over five years, the damage should be minimal. In fact, the upside might be surprisingly nice.

Someday we might also get news like this from Anderson Cooper. When that happens, you know that, as a society, we’ve reached a milestone.


  • thomas 5 years ago

    Sadly, Ricky Martin was the last person on the planet to admit that Ricky Martin is gay.

  • IshMael 5 years ago

    Ricky martin is a really lovely person, and i support him for the human he is, not because he finally has come out. Its just a thing i dont care becuase i respet him for who he is not for his sexuality. Im a gay man and im 21 years old and for me was easy to come out but just becuase i came out it doesnt mean i want everybody come out. Sometime we as gay people push other ones to come out but who we are to say how long it takes to know ourself... So i will always support him out or in the closet :)

  • mariposa 5 years ago

    i already knew he was gay,i was just waiting for him to spit it out, but sadly he admited to late.

  • michelle 5 years ago

    "Admits"? He disclosed, jerk. You admit you were a jerk to pick "admit"?

  • TheAmishRabbi 5 years ago


    LOL …Ricky Martin has ”revealed” that he is gay?

    Newsflash … EVERYONE on the entire planet
    ALREADY KNEW that Ricky Martin was gay.

    Much like the "revelation" by Clay Aiken,
    Rosie O'Donnel and Ellen Degeneres --
    the only people "ever shocked" by these
    "closet-exitings" are the "exiters" themselves.

    Oh wait ... here's another Newsflash ... 'In a related
    story … deeply inspired by Mr. Martin’s ‘courage’
    and speaking from his headquarters at the Vatican
    … the Pope has bravely announced to the world
    that he is, in fact (as many of his most loyal fans
    and others have long suspected) -- a Catholic'.

    LOL …. “revealed” … LOL …. “revealed” …

    Well … anyway .. this ‘announcement’ is probably
    gonna become really BIG news -- 10 years ago.


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