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Livin' La Vida Hota: Ricky Martin admits he's gay


  • thomas 6 years ago

    Sadly, Ricky Martin was the last person on the planet to admit that Ricky Martin is gay.

  • IshMael 6 years ago

    Ricky martin is a really lovely person, and i support him for the human he is, not because he finally has come out. Its just a thing i dont care becuase i respet him for who he is not for his sexuality. Im a gay man and im 21 years old and for me was easy to come out but just becuase i came out it doesnt mean i want everybody come out. Sometime we as gay people push other ones to come out but who we are to say how long it takes to know ourself... So i will always support him out or in the closet :)

  • mariposa 6 years ago

    i already knew he was gay,i was just waiting for him to spit it out, but sadly he admited to late.

  • michelle 6 years ago

    "Admits"? He disclosed, jerk. You admit you were a jerk to pick "admit"?

  • TheAmishRabbi 6 years ago


    LOL …Ricky Martin has ”revealed” that he is gay?

    Newsflash … EVERYONE on the entire planet
    ALREADY KNEW that Ricky Martin was gay.

    Much like the "revelation" by Clay Aiken,
    Rosie O'Donnel and Ellen Degeneres --
    the only people "ever shocked" by these
    "closet-exitings" are the "exiters" themselves.

    Oh wait ... here's another Newsflash ... 'In a related
    story … deeply inspired by Mr. Martin’s ‘courage’
    and speaking from his headquarters at the Vatican
    … the Pope has bravely announced to the world
    that he is, in fact (as many of his most loyal fans
    and others have long suspected) -- a Catholic'.

    LOL …. “revealed” … LOL …. “revealed” …

    Well … anyway .. this ‘announcement’ is probably
    gonna become really BIG news -- 10 years ago.


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