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Liverpool's sights and sounds of music, sports and history

Naturally if you’re a music fan and the Beatles come to mind, you likely think of their hometown of Liverpool. If you’re a football (Soccer in the U.S.) fan, the Liverpool and Everton clubs are famous. Many know about the ship Titanic, from its Oscar-winning film of the same name and its disastrous demise was built in Liverpool. If you are planning on a trip to the UK, or even to Liverpool, here are some sights you should definitely check out. Come see why Liverpool is called “The World Capital of Pop Music.”

The Cavern Pub, which is across the street from the actual Cavern Club.
The Cavern Pub, which is across the street from the actual Cavern Club.
anpalacios via Wikimedia Commons
Closeup view of the Liverpool skyline.
Plugwash via Wikimedia Commons

Music: Beatles and the Mersey Beat

That is most certainly the case with the Beatles leading the way with the British Invasion of music 50 years ago in America. If you want to see where it all got started it’s a must to visit the Cavern Club. Located on Mathew Street it is considered the most famous club in the world. Opened in 1957 inside a warehouse cellar the Cavern, as it is commonly known, has a rich music history. The Beatles made the club iconic with their worldwide success. During the Beatles early years in Liverpool, they played there 292 times.

Not only have the Beatles performed at the Cavern Club, other fellow bands in and around Liverpool known by their melodic, light sounds as the Mersey Beat, which is the name of the River Mersey in the area, were also frequent acts during that era. These included Gerry and the Pacemakers, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes (Ringo Starr’s former band), The Searchers, Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas, and The Merseybeats.

Since that time many other well-known acts from the UK including Queen, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Echo and the Bunnymen, Oasis, Donovan, and Paul McCartney as a solo artist have graced the famous stage at the Cavern. If you want to see more Beatle sites, the Cavern Club has bus and private tours you can book to take you around the city. There is still live music performed each day and night at this legendary club. It has survived changes of ownership, the original site’s demolition of the street level, and rebuilding the club from across the street of its initial place.

Sports: Liverpool and Everton Football Clubs

Music may have made Liverpool famous around the world, but the sport of football has taken it by storm. For the sake of this piece the word “football” will be used, instead of the American terminology for the sport (so as not to add any confusion).

The Liverpool and Everton Football Clubs have tours you can take of their respective stadiums. The Liverpool Football Club (LFC) Stadium Tour and Museum has a variety of guided tours with themes like the Anfiedl Experience and the Rock ‘n’ Goal Tour (in conjunction with The Beatles Story exhibit at Albert Dock). Here’s a real opportunity to learn about the team’s history and journey, plus go behind the scenes rarely allowed in the U.S.

Over at Goodison Park where the Everton Football Club resides for their home games also feature guided tours. Everton FC is the older of the two teams having a rich history, not to mention a long-standing rivalry between Liverpool FC and the nearby Manchester United.

History: Titanic and the Merseyside Maritime Museum

A trip to Liverpool is not complete without honoring its incredible maritime history. This museum is located at Albert Dock on the waterfront. Here you will learn more about the Titanic before its fatal voyage. Many have seen the 1990s blockbuster film of the same name starring a young Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. You’ll actually see a lifejacket from a Titanic survivor. The Merseyside Maritime Museum features a variety of exhibitions, galleries, events, and activities to make your trip to Liverpool a well-rounded one.

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